About Us

The Dictionary describes 'Activity' as a 'Thing that a person or group does or has done'. Therefore, most of human endeavours can be classified as activities. Activities may be of the routine, regular kind or they could be unusual, uncommon or esoteric.

IndiaActivities.com provides validated, targeted and actionable information on various activities in India. To enable users to act upon, our 'Resources' section has contact details of service providers and other organizations involved in each specific activity.

We cover a wide range of activity categories such as activism, fun and adventure, learning, lifestyle, caring and compassion, health and wellness, alternative therapies, careers and work, assistance, food, travel and tours, service, earning, fitness, environment friendly and shopping. Some or all of these activities will be of interest to individuals, women, kids and parents, youth and students, seniors and elderly, groups, general public etc.

The idea for indiaactivities.com transpired when a friend who was hosting a party needed to contact someone in his city who could collect the excess food after the party and distribute it among the needy in the vicinity. After making enquiries locally, he got to know of an organization which was involved in this activity. We realized that there would be others who may need similar information in a jiffy when occasion demands and therefore decided on providing on web pages relevant information on various activities.

Our objectives are threefold: Firstly we wish to bring to the attention of users the various activities that they can avail or participate in. Secondly, we want to bring to the users' notice the existence of activities, about which they may not be aware of. Thirdly, the users can take advantage of the resources listed and contact the organisations or persons to join in or partake or get involved in activities of interest.

Our Associates, who are knowledgeable in the respective fields have contributed to the content. Resources have been sourced by us from local sources and media. We have tried to avoid inoperative links, out of use phone numbers etc. We also look forward to new activities being suggested by our users. We hope that users would find indiaactivities.com beneficial and each time when that happens, we would have the satisfaction of having succeeded in our mission.

Some of the activities involve payment of charges or fees but we have refrained from quoting the fees since the same are likely to vary over time. Users are hence advised to enquire regarding costs prior to availing any service from any of the Resources listed on Indiaactivities.com.

Indiaactivities.com provides all the information on this website solely as a service. The information and content on this portal is regularly updated, but we give no guarantee that the said information is entirely correct or up-to-date at all times.