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Hash House Harriers

Hash House Harriers – Running and Socialising…

Hash House Harriers (also known in short as HHH or H3) is a social club dedicated to running for fitness and fun followed by beer drinking and socializing. This is an international network which originated in Malaysia in the 1930’s.

HHH groups hold an event known as ‘hash’ or ‘hash run’ once or twice a month. One or more members (‘hares’) lay a live trail of a few km with chalk markings and rest of the members (‘hounds’) chase the trail. The trail may be in the city or in the countryside. Special chalk markings and blobs on the route indicate checks, false trails, short cuts, dead ends, backtracks, turns etc.

At the end of the run, the hashers get together to guzzle beer, converse, sing and have fun in what is called ‘hashbash’ or ‘on-on-on’. Hash House Harriers have some quaint traditions. For instance, each member is given a humorous moniker reflecting some peculiarity of the person. Penalty for short cutting on the route is to get ‘iced’ which is to sit on a block of ice.

Join Hash House Harriers in India’s Metros…

Hash House Harrier clubs are active and thriving in India’s major metros as shown in Resources below. If you are residing in any of these cities, do not hesitate to join them and become a part of a humour, adventure and fun loving crowd.

If your city or town does not have any Hash House Harrier group, why don’t you take the initiative and start one? You can access the web to study and note the practices followed by other Hash House Harrier groups and go ahead accordingly.

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Bangalore Harriettes

If you wish to join, please apply to the Meetup group. Although this is a group of female hashers, male hashers are also welcome - preferably if they have hashed earlier.

Meetup Group Page


Bangalore Hash

They run alternate Sunday afternoons somewhere in the countryside 15-20 km from the centre of town. Also occasionally do outstation runs and Hash weekends.

Rajesh “PushMush“ Hinduja: 09886 755105, Govind “Flamethrower”: 09900 305555


Madras Hash House Harriers

There is a hash in Chennai every Sunday afternoon. Madras Hash runs every other Sunday, and the Chennai Hash (see in a separate Resource on this page) runs on the Sundays in between.


Chennai Hash House Harriers

There is a hash in Chennai every Sunday afternoon. Chennai Hash runs every other Sunday, and the Madras Hash (see as a separate Resource on this page) runs on the Sundays in between.

Facebook Page


Capital Hash House Harriers

They run every Saturday afternoon/evening depending on the weather conditions.


Hyderabad Hash House Harriers

Hash runs are held almost every week.

Venkat 09989 05075, Veeru 090000 91010, Mohan 099891 50055


Kolkata Revolutionary Hash House Harriers

It is a hash which meets every alternate Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m.


Bombay Hash House Harriers

They have a hash run on last Sunday of every month.

Twitter Page

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