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Emotional Freedom Technique

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Ancient philosophies from Asia believe that electromagnetic energy flows through our body and it regulates our health. When the energy flow gets blocked result is that we get afflicted by emotional and physical problems like phobias, addictions, hypertension, allergies, compulsions, addictions, chronic pain, stress disorder, weight issues, learning difficulties etc.

Emotional Freedom Technique is the process in which gentle tapping is resorted to at the pressure points along with positive affirmations. The EFT Tapping removes the blockages, restores the body’s energy flow and relieves the emotional distress.

How do you practice EFT Tapping?

The body’s energy flow occurs through channels which are known as meridians. These are the same meridians which are an important part of Acupressure and Acupuncture.

You need to concentrate on the negative emotion that is troubling you, acknowledge the problem and create self-acceptance despite the existence of the problem. Simultaneously use your fingertips to tap 5 to 7 times each on the body’s meridian points.  

To learn the technique, you may consider availing the services of EFT professionals listed below.

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Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Delhi Goa
Hyderabad Kolkata Mumbai Nagpur Pune

Vitality Living College

099204 54749, SMS only: 098927 51513

Schedule of EFT training in various cities


Basix Inc.

# 422, 7th Main 'A' Block, Milk Calony, 17th Cross, Malleswaram West, Bangalore 560055

Shihan C. J. Jeyachander

080-2347 3715, 098864 20936

Web Page



Virugambakkam, Chennai

Mrs Puja Kanth Alfred

096772 48146


Tapping Changes

Pankaj Gupta

098111 27391


Kaur's Holistic Healing Center for Research and Training

74/1A, Golf Residency, Flat 1H, Golf Club Road, Kolkata 700033

Dr. Jaspal Kaur

098300 80479


Meta-Health India

Anu Mehta: 099308 98116, Doreen Soans: 084199 10969

Web Page



Pallavi Velugu

098198 13778

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