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Theta Healing

What is Theta healing ?

Theta is a brain wave that is dominant during deep meditation or during hypnosis or while drifting off to sleep. Theta healing, discovered by Vianna Stibal, is the instant healing that occurs when the brain is predominantly in Theta wave mode. It is said that Theta healing can cure you of physical ailments, addictions, traumas, fears and phobias. It can also help to increase confidence, develop happy relationships, enhance abilities and deepen spirituality. In fact, you can change and transform your life entirely.

Theta healing has a strong spiritual connection because the healing is believed to originate directly from God, the creator of universe. So, anyone who wishes to take recourse to Theta healing should have a strong belief in the supreme being, in order that the power of the Theta wave is experienced during the session and effective healing results.

What happens during the healing session?

The Theta healing session lasts from 30 to 90 minutes and you may be required to attend two or more sessions. At the start, the practitioner would check for physical ailments, negative energies, emotional deficiencies etc from which you wish to recover. The practitioner starts digging your psyche for the negative beliefs that you hold starting with the belief on top of the mind. That belief is first released and this is followed by beliefs held lower-down which are all successively released. Finally, the bottom belief which is the key or core belief is reached and released. At that moment you will feel a huge feeling of relief and experience the cure that you were seeking.

In Theta healing, muscle testing is used to check beliefs and feelings held in sub-conscious mind. When a belief is held by sub-conscious as true, the fingers stay together whereas fingers will weaken for a belief the sub-conscious thinks is false. If what is held as true is really flase, Theta healing corrects it and vice versa.

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