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Blood Supply and Donation

Blood is in short supply always…

Every 2 seconds someone in India requires blood and yet blood is perennially in short supply. Therefore, there cannot be a nobler activity than donating blood. Blood transfusion is a critical need for accident victims, trauma victims, premature babies, patients undergoing surgery etc. With this in view, National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC) has now allowed interstate exchange of blood and its components such as red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelets.

Blood banks may provide blood at short notice but they insist on replacement donor for each bottle provided.  Also it must be noted that blood can be stored for 42 days only.

It is heartening to observe that technology has come to the rescue by connecting blood donors with needy patients. These websites and social media platforms promote blood donation and it is gratifying that large number of individuals have been coming forward as blood donors.

These persons register at the websites and furnish details like their address, mobile numbers, age, blood group etc. The online platforms also have a search option where a patient’s kin can search for and obtain contact details of the donors located in their area. The patient’s kin then get in touch with the prospective donors who then visit the hospital and donate blood.

Since people from rural villages who visit metros for treatment may not have access to internet, some organizations have introduced SMS service. On sending an SMS from their mobile phone about the need for blood, they receive in response donor details on their mobile phone.   

Donate blood and save lives…

Any healthy adult weighing more than 50 kg can donate blood. The plasma part of the blood gets replaced in 48 hours, whereas red blood cells are fully replenished in 6 to 8 weeks. Hence it is a misconception that blood donation leads to weakness. However, once a person donates blood, he or she cannot do it again for the next 3 months.

You must abstain from alcohol and smoking for 48 hours before donating. You should not have suffered from any transmittable diseases in the recent past.  You should not be taking any medication presently and must not have had surgery in the last 6 months. You need to be free from medical conditions like hypertension, cardiac problems, venereal diseases, AIDS etc.

The blood donation may be done at any hospital, clinic or at an outdoor blood donation camp. To begin with, you will be asked about your medical history following which vital parameters like blood pressure, hemoglobin, temperature etc will be measured. 

You will be made to lie down, the area of the arm will be cleansed and a disposable needle will be inserted to draw the blood. The blood collects in a bag and after about 1 pint of blood is collected in about 10 minutes, the process is over. The area of the arm is bandaged and after relaxing for 15 minutes you are free to leave.

Patients must insist that the blood is double-checked...

Blood banks should mandatorily check blood for HIV, HBV, HCV, syphilis and malaria. There have been instances of patients having contracted Hepatitis (B & C) and AIDS due to blood transfusion. This is because many blood banks depend solely on third or fourth generation ELISA test which does not detect infections that have been caught by the donor within a long window period of 3 months. Patients may insist on PCR test as a double-check to ensure that the blood is absolutely infection free, because with PCR the window period for infections is shortened to a few days.

Finally, it has to be noted that most top-notch private hospitals insist on replacement donors and do not accept blood from banks.

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@BloodAid (Twitter Handle)

From your Twitter handle send a tweet starting with @BloodAid and state your blood requirement, your mobile no etc. Can use hashtag #BloodAid in that tweet. You can also become a follower of @BloodAid and send the tweet.

Twitter Page

@BloodDonorsIn (Twitter Handle)

From your Twitter handle send a tweet starting with @BloodDonorsIn and state your blood requirement, your mobile no etc. You can also become a follower of @BloodDonorsIn and send the tweet.

Twitter Page

@iCanSavelife (Twitter Handle)

From your Twitter handle send a tweet starting with @iCanSaveLife and state your blood requirement, your mobile no etc. Can use hashtag #iCanSaveLife in that tweet. You can also become a follower of @iCanSaveLife and send the tweet.

Twitter Page


Register to donate blood. To receive details of blood donors in your location, enter your State, City, Area, Blood Group details in 'Find a Donor' on website's homepage.

Blood Bank India

Search can be activated by entering city and blood group. Persons wishing to be donors are requested to register on the website.

Blood Donors

Current blood requirements of patients are listed on the homepage. In addition, donors can register and needy users can search for donors.


The website has 3 main features: Register as blood donor, Search blood donor (on the basis of city & blood group), Post your blood request.

Bravo Blood Donor

On entering Pincode and blood group, donors can be searched. You can also post your blood request on the site. Blood donors are invited to register.


e-Rakt Kosh

Launched by Govt of India. Find out the nearest blood bank as well as availability of a particular blood group in a given radius. You can also keep rack of blood donations made by you. Access the site on web or download app for mobile.

0120-306 3320

F2S (Friends2Support)

Blood donors can be searched by entering blood group, state, district and city. Voluntary blood donors are invited to register.

Register to donate blood. To receive contact numbers of blood donors in your area, send message "BLOOD (Your Std Code) (Blood Group)" to 55577 from your Idea phone OR to 56300 from your BSNL / Reliance / Tata Docomo phone OR to 55444 from your Airtel / Aircel / Vodafone / Uninor / MTNL phone.

079619 07766

Jeevan Amrut Yojana (Blood-on-Call Scheme) applicable to Maharashtra only.

A scheme of Maharashtra Government to supply blood during emergencies. Dial the helpline, place request and blood will be delivered in short time through motorcycles equipped with cold storage units which maintain the blood temperature.

Helpline: 104


When in need of blood, if you have a twitter account send a twitter message to @SMSBloodNetwork or send an SMS to 09323111447. Message to contain: Patient's name, blood group, reason for blood need, name & address of hospital or blood bank, bed number & ward number, date on which required, relative's name & mobile number.

Twitter Page


Download/install the app, register as a voluntary blood donor and start exploring features of app to donate blood and save life. You can also search for blood donor by blood group.

097791 35856

Maharashtra State Blood Transfusion Council

Through this website, you can find blood donors for a specific blood group in Maharashtra as well as find nearest blood bank in Maharashtra. You can also register to become a blood donor.

020-4120 9666

National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC)

NBTC's Android app 'NHP Service' provided information on hospitals and blood banks located in your vicinity. NBTC has now wants to add in the app, information on how much stock is with each blood bank, blood-group-wise, at any given time.

Link to download the Android app

Think Foundation

Call Think Foundation, who will direct you to the Blood Bank having the blood units or platelets. If the the blood group required is unavailable with any blood bank, you may ask Think Foundation for a list of donors who may then go to the hospital/blood bank.

022- 6518 1341, 6518 1343

Web Page

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