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Flyers Carry Goods for Others

Connecting travellers to product seekers…

Want to send your mother’s pickle to your brother in US? Or want to check whether some traveller can get you a branded pair of sunglasses from UK? Well, all this is possible now thanks to startups through which flyers deliver packages to product seekers at low cost and risk.

It is a fact that weight of the baggage carried by many air-travellers is lesser than their entitlement. Travellers can profitably utilize the unused baggage allowance to carry goods for others who otherwise would have to wait for a longer time to receive by mail or spend prohibitively high amounts to receive by air-freight or courier.

How does this peer-to-peer shipping network work?

First of all a personal profiles have be to created on the website on which are posted travel schedules and product requirements by flyers and product seekers respectively. Once a suitable match is found, both parties can view each other’s profiles. Thereafter they can communicate and negotiate with each other through the chat messenger facility on the website.

Once terms are mutually settled, the traveller and sender meet at a convenient place and the package changes hands from the sender to the flyer. After the flyer reaches destination, he or she communicates with the receiver and both meet at a mutually agreed place where the package once again changes hands from traveller to receiver. Payment is to through a secure online mode.

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