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Instant Care for Accident Victim

Accident victims need to be attended to immediately…

India has the dubious distinction of having one of the highest road accident rates in the world. Some of the factors that are responsible for this sorry state of affairs are the bad condition of roads, lack of road dividers, presence of two-wheelers and autorickshaws, lack of driving discipline, poor condition of trucks, deficient driving skills, driving under influence etc.

Time and again, we read in the newspapers that after a road accident, pedestrian victims or victims in a vehicle or two-wheeler continued to remain fallen at the accident spot unattended. This is particularly true about accidents that occur on the highways.

It is the primary responsibility of the person at fault to pick up the injured persons and transport them to the hospital. Often they fail to do so and escape from the spot with a view to avoid being charged as per law. No mercy should be shown to such persons if and when they are apprehended.

While walking-by or driving-by, you may encounter an accident spot. Even if no one else comes forward, do not hesitate to check the condition of the injured and if they are in a condition to be moved, shift them to the nearest hospital without delay. If you are unsure whether it is safe to move the injured, call Ambulance and Police helplines and in the meantime, try to give first aid to the injured.

Highway Rescue Project and other initiatives…

Highway Rescue Project has set up dedicated emergency contact numbers in Gujarat, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and West Bengal. On receiving information on any accident, they immediately mobilize the nearest team who rush to the accident site.

The aim of such initiatives is to ensure that the injured receive proper attention and medical care within the 'Golden Hour'. Taking an accident victim to the hospital within an hour dramatically increases his or her chances of survival and recovery.

So let’s all resolve to do our bit by driving responsibly so that no accidents are caused by us and also by ensuring that persons causing accidents are nabbed and the injured are moved to hospitals quickly. We can also alert Highway Accident Project about accidents encountered by us on highways.

'Good Samaritans' need not worry about harassment by Police...

Central Government has mandated that bystanders who help an accident victim should not be harassed by Police and other authorities. Such persons should be allowed to leave immediately if they take an injured person to hospital, without being questioned. They shall not be liable for any civil or criminal liability. A person making a call informing about an accident cannot be compelled to reveal his or her identity.

The guidelines also state that Hospitals cannot detain the person who brings the victim, for registration and admission costs. Disclosure of personal information like name and contact details shall be voluntary and optional. A Good Samaritan who voluntarily states that he or she is an eyewitness to the accident shall be examined only once by Police and court.

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'ReachEX' App

If a mobile user, with this app installed, meets with an accident the accelerator in the phone will sense a high impact and send SOS text messages to pre-selected contacts. There is a one-minute timer for the mobile user to cancel the message from going out.

Ishaan Varshney

Link to download the app

A) Lifeline - Highway Rescue Project: Helplines

Call the helpline numbers immediately from the highway accident spot, so that the trauma victims can be attended to fast.
Gujarat: 098250 26000
Kerala: 1298
Maharashtra: 098500 26000
Rajasthan: 097999 26000
West Bengal 093304 26000

B) 'Dial 1298' Emergency Medical Service

A service providing ambulance for accident victims, unaccompanied unconscious individuals and victims of mass casualty incidents. Numbers to call:
Mumbai: 1298, 022-2669 6200
Kerala: 1298, 0484-238 5838
Bihar: 1298, 0612-228 4970
Punjab: 1298, 0172-523 1200
Rajasthan: 1298

C) Jeevan Rakshak Program of SaveLIFE Foundation

Jeevan Rakshak program has trained a network of medical first-responders who will reach the victims first and stabilize them till the arrival of paramedics in ambulances. Under this program over 6,000 Police personnel and community persons have been trained in Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS) skills in Delhi, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Training includes opening an airway, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), immobilisation, controlling bleeding etc.

Piyush Tewari

011-4109 1911, 4109 1910

Web Page

D) 108 Service (EMS - Emergency Medical & Referral Services) of Maharashtra Govt.

Call the phone number below in an emergency and an EMS ambulance will reach the location soon. There are 2 kinds of ambulances: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life-Saving (ALS). Both kinds have cots, scoop stretchers, suction pumps & oxygen cylinder. Additionally, ALS ambulances have defibrillator-cum-cardiac monitor & ventilator. Doctor is present in the ambulance, but he or she would be an ayurveda or unani graduate.


E) GVK EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute)

Operational in 15 States and 2 Union Territories i.e. AP, Telangana, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Assam, Meghalaya, MP, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, UP, Rajasthan, Kerala and 2 Union Territories, Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu. On calling the toll free number 1-0-8, prompt response results that includes assessment of the emergency, dispatch of the ambulances, along with a well trained Emergency Medical Technician to render quality pre-hospital care and transport of the patient to the appropriate health care facility.


Web Page

F) Quick Response Vehicles (QRVs) on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

On Mumbai-Pune Expressway, if your vehicle met with an accident or if you see an accident happen, call the phone no listed below immediately. In order to provide immediate help to accident victims, MSRDC has deployed quick response vehicles (QRV) to deal with emergencies, with a response time of five to 10 minutes. Each of the four vehicles will have five staffers and will be equipped with gas cutters, a water tank, a towing crane, stretchers and power generators.

098224 982224

G) 'Harish' Scheme of Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust of Karnataka State Govt.

Aims to provide free emergency treatment to the road accident victims in Karnataka. From accident site someone should call EMRI ambulance helplines stated below. The Medical Technician in the ambulance will shift the victim to the nearest but appropriate hospital based on injuries. Victim will be treated free for 48 hours and costing upto Rs 25,000. Costs beyond these figures to be borne by the family.

EMRI helplines: 104 & 108

H) Aster Saferoads Campaign

An initiative by Aster DM Healthcare that focuses on creating awareness about road safety. You may access their Facebook page and with the hashtag #ipledge commit to (a) Always wear a seat belt (b) Always wear a helmet (c) Use zebra crossings, subways and footpaths (d) To make our roads a safer place.

Facebook Page

I) If you are a bystander and see an accident happen, take the accident victim to the nearest hospital or call for medical help.

Bystanders used to be reluctant to help persons injured in road accidents, due to fear of getting trapped in legal issues and due to fear of police harassment. Now, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt of India has come out with guidelines protecting Good Samaritans from intimidation & harassment by police or hospitals. In view of this, henceforth do not hesitate to act fast and save lives.

Rules to protect those who help road accident victims

J) Swaraksha (Android App)

SwaRaksha is a free application released by Highway Police, Maharashtra in association with Energy Labs. In an emergency, a distress signal is sent to the user's pre-stored emergency contact numbers as well as to Highway Police Control Room, Maharashtra. The app is able to locate nearest traffic-aid post etc.

Download to your Android Smartphone

K) MUrgency

MUrgency is a mobile app which makes the nearest emergency responder (doctor, nurse, EMT, paramedic, ambulance etc.) as well as safety, rescue and assistance professionals available to a person facing an emergency. It also connects people who need emergency response with their trusted network. Presently coverage is in Punjab state and the rest of India is being gradually covered with completion scheduled in 2017.

Download the app here

L) 'Bal Thackeray Upgath Vima Yojana' of Maharashtra Government

This scheme is for the treatment of accident victims in trauma care hospitals for a duration of 3 days. Maharashtra Government will cover the cost of treatment subject to a ceiling of Rs 30,000. Other rules and regulations applicable to this scheme are unavailable.

M) Cross Roads India Assistance Pvt. Ltd & Action India Pvt Ltd

Do note that this is not a company to attend to accident victims. They are India's largest road assistance company who promise to arrive at site within 29 minutes of a call by a car driver or a 2-wheller driver informing of the breakdown. Their services include 24x7 roadside assistance, car towing, jump start, fuel delivery, flat tyre repair, key lockout etc. They serve 23 cities across India.

1800 419 0199

N) Become an 'Angel on Road'

Help a road accident victim and become someone's Angel. Thereafter, share your story on the website below. Good Samaritans who come to the aid of road accident victims are now protected from all legal and procedural formalities.

SMS GSL to 58888

O) ArriveSAFE

Campaigns for road safety by stricter enforcement of drunken driving. Thanks to the legal fight initiated by them, all liquor outlets on national highways across India are likely to be banned. You may support their efforts by joining-up as a volunteer.

H.No. 268, Sector 21A, Chandigarh 160022

0172-462 3232, 090413 00000

P) Raksha SafeDrive

Raksha Safedrive is a gadget which is placed on the rearview mirror in front of the driver that automatically alerts rescue services in case of an accident. In the event of a crash, it will send the location details of the vehicle and an initial assessment of the severity of the accident. It has a Smart Panic Button that provides a one-touch two-way voice connectivity with the support network, and can be used in case of an emergency. Officials from the centre will call the vehicle in distress, assesses the situation, and provide the needed assistance.

Elsys Intelligent Devices, Swami Vivekananda Road, Ulsoor, Bengaluru 560008

078489 62233

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