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Quit Smoking n Using Tobacco

The menace of smoking and chewing tobacco…

In India, tobacco use claims over 10 Lakh lives annually, whereas nearly 50% of over 1 Million new cancer cases diagnosed annually are attributed to tobacco. These startling figures highlight  the perilous situation caused by smoking cigarettes and beedis as well as chewing gutkha, zarda etc. As a result there is a high incidence of lung cancer, mouth cancer, heart disease, stroke, asthma, COPD, respiratory disease etc.

The menace of tobacco usage has been well-recognised from decades and Central and State Governments, corporate sector, NGOs and other organisations have been working to curb tobacco addiction. However, the battle has not yet been won and it is necessary that the anti-smoking programmes are constantly improvised to achieve the dream of a smoke-free India.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and other anti-smoking means…

When cigarettes are smoked or gutkha is chewed, Nicotine from the tobacco enters bloodstream and stimulated the brain. Nicotine addiction is strong and difficult to break, which is why when smokers try to quit, Nicotine level in blood falls, leading to withdrawal symptoms like irritation, frustration, anxiety, depression, extreme craving for Nicotine etc. At this stage, willpower fails and the desire to quit falters.

Nicotine replacement therapy involves usage of Nicotine chewing gums, lozenges and patches which provide a source of Nicotine to the body, which is safer and healthier than cigarettes and Gurkha.  They reduce the craving for smoking or chewing tobacco and gradually even the usage of the replacement products can be brought to zero.

It is essential that the tobacco user is highly motivated to quit smoking. Counselling for periods of up to 6 months by smoking cessation centres and NGOs has helped many to quit the habit. Avoid triggers such as alcohol, coffee and stress. Pop a chewing gum or drink a cup of tea during times like post-lunch, on waking up and while visiting toilet. Avoid cues like being with friends who smoke. Each diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps. Exercising, jogging and walking help you keep away from smoking.

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'2baconil' Nicotine Patch and Gum

2baconil patch's Nicotine is delivered steadily and all day long, so that the nicotine will not be delivered all at once, or run out too soon. The patch helps you overcome the side effects and early morning cravings. 2baconil Nicotine gum controls withdrawal symptoms/cravings for smoking, chewing gutka and helps you gradually bring down your addiction over a period of time


'I Pledge I Will Quit Smoking' Campaign

On the website, the smoker has to register and take this pledge " For the sake of my health, my family and my life, I pledge to give up smoking completely". A close friend or relative will enter his or her name as the witness to this pledge. From then on, the smoker will get a tip for giving up smoking by email every day.

Aniket Parekh

'Kwiknic' Nicotine Chewing Gum by ITC

To control your tobacco carvings, ITC has introduced 'Kwiknic' which is a tasty Nicotine gum in a handy blister pack. Each pellet contains 2mg of Nicotine and is available in two flavours, Mint and Paan.


'LifeFirst' programme of Narottam Sekhsaria Foundation

They identify tobacco users patients in the Mumbai hospitals, who are given brief advice while they are in the hospital. For those patients joining LifeFirst, 6 counseling sessions over 6 months are provided, followed by additional sessions as required. Patients are given a Quit Diary, which is a workbook to personalise their plan to quit tobacco

1st Floor, Nirmal Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021

022-6132 6200

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'Nobacco' Nicotine Soft Lozenges

Nobacco is a soft lozenge with a slow and easy release of nicotine to give you a nice and smooth feel. It is to be consumed only when there is a desire or craving associated with withdrawal of tobacco, allowing your body to adjust to the gradual decrease in the intake of Nicotine. After 4 weeks of usage, start reducing consumption to zero.

'Quitting Smoking' online community by

This online community will help you with support and ideas on coping, during your endeavour to quit smoking. Join the conversation and share your thoughts, difficulties and experience as you tackle the hard task of quitting smoking. This community will help you achieve your goal of living permanently tobacco-free.

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'Smoke Free Mumbai' Campaign

Smoking in public places is banned in Mumbai like elsewhere in the country. This campaign is to ensure that the ban is not flouted particularly in restaurants. In case you observe any person smoking in a restaurant, bring it to the attention of the Management or BMC.

Preventive Oncology Department, Tata Hospital: 022-2415 4379

Anti-Tobacco Youth Campaign by Salaam Bombay Foundation

This campaign was launched with the singer Shaan as the tobacco control ambassador for India. A music video 'Life se panga mat le yaar' that was composed and sung by Shaan was released at the launch of the campaign.

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Bupron XL (Bupropion) 300mg Tablet

This prescription drug aids in smoking cessation by reducing the severity of Nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Take Bupron exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all directions on your prescription label. Do not take this medicine in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended. Too much of this medicine can increase your risk of a seizure.

Champix (Varenicline) drug by Pfizer

This prescription drug is a non-nicotine based smoking cessation aid which reduces withdrawal symptoms and also the smoker's sense of satisfaction derived from smoking. However a necessary precondition is that the smoker must be motivated to quit smoking in order to improve the success rate of this cessation therapy.

Delhi Anti Smoking Club (DASC)

People who want to leave smoking and need anti-smoking guidance as well as non-smokers who want to support this noble cause are invited to join DASC to further the aim of making Delhi smoke-free.

D-39, Lord Krishna Road, Adarsh Nagar, Delhi 110033

085274 58950

Govt of India's Campaign to Quit Tobacco

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare promotes 'World No Tobacco Day' on 31st May. To quit tobacco call the numbers below.

Call 1800-11-2356 or give missed call to 011-2290 1701

IQS India - I Quit Smoking

IQS India is an affiliate of IQS Worldwide who have developed a patented system under which a pain-free electrical stimulation is carried out in the ear. By stimulating these reflex points in the ear, the smokers lose their desire to smoke.

F-07, First Floor, Vasant Square Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

011-4000 0371

Facebook Page

Livestrong My Quit Coach Lite (iOS App)

Creates a personalised plan, along with motivational tips and progress charts, to ensure that you stay on track of the objective to quit smoking. Through an interactive and easy to use app, you’ll evaluate your current status, set attainable goals and adjust preferences according to your needs. You'll finally be able to stop smoking.

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Nicotex Nicotine Chewing Gum by Cipla

a 12-week therapy programme using Nicotex will help users to gradually reduce their Nicotine intake and makes it possible for them to quit smoking.


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QuitNow! (Android App)

Keeps track of the number of cigarettes avoided, amount of money saved, number of hours added to your life etc. All this information motivates you to quit smoking and then continue to remain free of the smoking addiction.

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Smoking Cessation Centres

Hospitals in major cities of India have Smoking Cessation Centres, who offer smoking cessation programmes and specialized counselling to help addicts quit smoking cigarettes, beedis etc. Smokers can consider enrolling in one of these.

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