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Reminder Services

Reminder service is your virtual personal assistant...

With reminder services, you do not forget payment of your credit card bill by the due date. And you would not fail to send a greeting card to your parents on their wedding anniversary.

A reminder service takes over as your virtual assistant at least so far as due dates, deadlines, appointments etc are concerned.

In today’s fast paced lifestyle remembering event dates is difficult and a service to remind of events leaves you to focus on other important everyday activities and consequently life then becomes better organized.

How do you make use of the reminder services?

Log in to the website of the reminder service, register and get your mobile number validated. Submit as many events as possible and prior to the due dates alerts will be reach you by email and SMS.

Additional alert can be set to be received 7 days prior to the due date also. Data can be imported from your computer and also data can be exported to your computer.

Some of the events about which you can seek to be reminded of are birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, reservations, bill payment due dates, credit card payment due dates, appointment with Doctor & Dentist, loan EMI due dates, project deadlines, meetings with employer or employees, insurance premium due dates (car, life & medical), conferences, shows, visa renewals, fixed deposit renewals, tax returns, annual medical checkup etc etc.

Resources below would enable you to access the two online reminder services that are presently active.

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