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Apps gain ground with increased online activity on mobiles…

There has been an increasing shift in online activity from desktops and laptops to mobile phones and tablets. And it is being realized that mobile phone users prefer apps to mobile version of websites.

When it comes to personal activities, apps have the advantage of planning logistics, budgeting, controlling event costs and communicating with guests or participants. On the other hand, businesses prefer apps because they are visible to customers all the time, provide information instantly and improve customer engagement through feature like messaging.

Build an app for a personal event or for your business…

Planning a wedding or a party? Want to share your travel experiences with the world? Tracking your fitness levels? Well, for these and other personal activities now you can build an app. Equally easy is to build an app for your business. For instance, if you have an online e-store you can upload product catalogue, include a photo gallery and have a customer feedback system.

App-builder websites enable you to build apps for free on iOS, Android and Windows platforms. First of all, register on the site and choose app category and the mobile platform. Thereafter select themes, colour schemes and layouts most appropriate for the event or business. Next, use the drag-and-drop tool to populate the app with text information, images etc. List the app on app stores. To ensure downloads popularize the app through web and social media. Update the app regularly so that viewers and users remain engaged.

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