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Earn from Designs n Photos

Customers post projects on online design marketplaces…

Medium and small business owners as well as other organizations seek appealing designs for logos, websites, posters, brochures and the like. They prepare a brief outline of their requirements and expectations, which is then posted on design marketplaces such as DesignBay, 99Designs, CrowdSpring etc.

Customers look for quality at an affordable price and therefore they state the budget at the outset along with the project brief.  The online medium ensures that customers get advantage of designs from a global talent pool of designers.

Register and submit your design…

You may be formally trained or untrained, but what matters is whether you possess a creative streak and if so, do not hesitate to make a submission. Prior to that, you may send the design to your peer friends and receive their feedback.

The design brief may have restrictions like number of colours, size, software used (Photoshop or CorelDraw or any other) etc and these aspects have to be scrupulously followed. All projects attract a large number of submissions and therefore competition is intense. Yet since a large number of projects are live on these marketplaces at any time, securing work should not be too difficult for designers of creative merit.

You can also earn by contributing stock photos…

If you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can submit photos to online stock photo marketplaces. Prior to that, you may have to submit samples of your work to them so that they can evaluate your photographic abilities. Subsequently, for each download of your image by a customer, you get a fixed percentage of royalty.

Submit a New Resource Entry  -  Inform Correction in an Existing Entry  -  Submit Feedback

Projects pertaining to designs of logos, brochures, websites and ads as well as designs on clothes are featured on their marketplace. Submit your design and the best one wins the money allocated.

Projects concerned with graphic design, logo design, web design, naming etc are listed. Provide a design and compete with other submitters.

Browse graphic design jobs and jobs for design of logos, flyers, posters, brochures etc and submit your proposal. The winner is awarded the fee that is stated.

Higher revenue-share of 25% to 50%. Sale price and therefore your revenue increases as downloads increase.

Apply to be a contributor, submit samples and get going as a stock photographer.

Promoted by Mahesh Nair, this is a marketplace for photographers from India. Upload photos to the website & earn 50% value of photos sold. Free User & Super User can upload 100 photos & unlimited photos respectively.

Sell photos, vectors and videos through this stock images website. Customers exceed 1 million.

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