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Donate Leftover Excess Food

Wastage of food at weddings, parties, restaurants...

A study by Food Ministry, Government of India found that about 20% of food at social events such as weddings goes waste. Wastage also occurs at parties, functions and restaurants. This is a sad state of affairs when one considers that two lakh street children in Mumbai go to sleep hungry every day.

Indian food is prone to spoil quickly on account of our country’s hot and humid climate. Efforts to distribute leftover excess food have been hampered by lack of infrastructure and inadequate cold storage facilities.

Donate excess leftover food for the poor and homeless...

Certain organizations in India’s major cities have been gearing up to this challenge. They remain in touch with restaurants, caterers, marriage halls and party organizers who intimate availability of leftover food.

Often such intimation is given at a late hour and pick up time is also late i.e. after midnight. Despite these hurdles, these organizations arrive at the venue, pack the food in containers and transport it in vehicles arranged by them.

If the outfit has cold storage facilities, food is stored and distributed in a day or two. In other cases distribution is done within a few hours after the food is collected. In some cities, distribution is undertaken at some fixed point where the homeless, slum-dwellers and poor congregate. Supply is also made to orphanages and the like.

If you are hosting a function in the cities listed in Resources below, do not hesitate to get in touch with the volunteer organisations in advance so that the latter have sufficient time to organise collection instead of scrambling at the last minute in case of late intimation.

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R B Shivakumar

He is a social worker who picks up excess food from weddings as well as other functions and dispenses it to the poor.

Rajajinagar, Bangalore

098443 58514


Wrap It. Don’t Waste Food.

On receiving an email message from restaurants and households, their volunteers pick up the leftover food. Distribution is to the underprivileged persons in specifically marked areas in Chennai city.


Food Bank - Chennai

Wish to provide simple, home-cooked food to poor and homeless in Chennai? You can do that once a week or as often as you can. Cook a simple meal, pack it neatly and hand it over to the Food Bank's locality champion in your area. There are 14 locality groups on Chennai and you may join the one located nearest to you.

044-2433 1522, Krish 099403 74037, Anandh SG 098414 39446
Ajay Kumar 097860 11166 / 090036 61122

Facebook Page


Food Nexus

This is an initiative to connect food donors with potential consumers. Donors would be those conducting weddings or similar functions or corporate events. Consumers could be charitable organizations, orphanages etc. The logistics of transporting food has to be handled by either the donor or the consumer as per mutual understanding. Donors and consumers submit postings on their website.

Raju Rao

09405 93237



People in Chennai can message them when they have excess or extra food. Their volunteers pick up the food and then distribute it among the needy. A mobile app may be launched soon.

Mohamed Asif, Nareshwar Sivanesan, Fahd Khaleel

Message them on WhatsApp to 99625 18992.


No Food Waste

They pick-up leftover food from hotels as well as from those who call them. The food is delivered to 15 ashrams and orphanages.

Padmanaban Gopalan

090877 90877


Delhi Foodbanking Network

With the support of companies and individuals, Delhi-NCR Foodbank serves nutritional meals across 30 feeding centers to vulnerable segments of society. You can donate or help out at the nearest Institutional Feeding Program or start a new Institutional Feeding Program in your neighbourhood.

D82/A, Nangal Devat Village, Vasant Kunj, Behind Spinal Injuries Hospital, New Delhi 110070

011-6599 2692, 098100 07524


India Food Banking Network (IFBN)

To donate food send the SMS message 'GIVEFOOD IFBN' to 58888. If you are a needy person or if you know someone who needs food send the SMS message 'GETFOOD IFBN' to 58888. You may donate grains, pulses, oil, spices or cooked food that has been leftover after a function


Mera Parivar

NGO providing education to underprivileged children in Gurgaon. Would collect excess food from Gurgaon area to feed the kids. Excess food from rest of Delhi would have to be transported by the donor to their location in Gurgaon.

0124-411 1787

Delhi-NCR Kolkata Mumbai Hyderabad Bangalore Chennai Pun Jaipur Jabalpur.

Robin Hood Army

Robin Hood Army collects excess food from restaurants with whom they have tied up. The food is served by RHA's volunteers to the homeless and hungry located in the vicinity of each particular restaurant. This service is operational at present on Sundays only.

Anand Sinha and Neel Ghose

Delhi-NCR      Mumbai

Feeding India

They access excess cooked food from restaurants and caterers in order to feed it to hungry kids and adults. Meet them at Raahgiri, Connaught Place every Sunday.

Greater Kailash Part-1, Near Moolchand Metro Station, Delhi 110048

Ankit Kawatra

Delhi-NCR: 098711 78810, Mumbai: 090150 26026



This NGO picks up excess leftover food from companies, caterers and hotels and delivers it to the hungry homeless and the needy.

Mustafa Ali Hashmi

077022 09484

Facebook Page


Annakshetra Foundation

Spare food is collected from donors and delivered to needy in the local community.

16, Shree Gopal Nagar, Near Mahesh Nagar Police Station, Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur 302019

0141-3221267 (24 hours), 0141-2504604

Facebook Page


'Roti Bank' by Mumbai Dabbawalas

If you have excess leftover food after a wedding, party or other social event, please dial the numbers below and dabbawalas nearest to your location will collect the food and distribute it among the homeless and poor. Pick-up by the dabbawalas will be in the afternoons and evenings.

Mumbai Jevandabbe Vahatuk Mahamandal, Mumbai

098672 21310, 086527 60542


Food for All Campaign

This campaign which works in association with Mumbai Dabbawala Association (MDA) focusses on leftovers from weddings. The wedding caterers call the MDA helpline, after which a dabbawala visits the venue, collects the leftovers and distributes the same among homeless and slum-dwellers.

Rishikesh Kadam

075067 44566, 098672 21210


Roney & Obaid

They co-ordinate collection of excess food for distribution to the poor. Volunteers based at Kandivali, Andheri, Bandra, Thane and Vikhroli pick up the food and deliver it to poor in shanties near suburban stations.

Roney Rodrigues: 098200 95681
Obaid Siraj: 098198 83235


Roti Bank by Mumbai’s Dabbawalas

Leftover food from birthday parties, weddings and social gatherings is collected by the Dabbawalas. They also take small quantities of excess food from homes. Distribution is to those living in slums and on the road as well as poor patients from other states who camp in Mumbai with their families.

Subhash Talekar of Mumbai Jeevan Dabbe Vahatuk Mandal

098672 21310, 086527 60542

Facebook Page


Shelter Don Bosco

They accept leftover cooked food if it is delivered to them by 8 pm. However, do call them in advance to intimate.

Opp. St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala, Mumbai 400031

022-2415 0562



Beyond Self

Leftover food collected from weddings and other functions, is distributed in the slums of Pune city.

Mahesh Mulchandani

098220 22066

Facebook Page


Yagnesh Patel

They shall collect leftover food in Surat after completion of any function, marriage, party as well as from restaurants at closing time. Please try to inform them in advance.

099250 28689

Tamil Nadu


They distributed about 4,000 ‘don’t-waste-food’ posters and distributed in restaurants and eating house in several Tamil Nadu towns, through a network of volunteer students. In towns listed below, their volunteers are now present and excess food collected is distributed among the needy.

Towns & cities: Dharmapuri, Erode, Darapuram, Bhavani, Attur, Mettur, Udmelpet, Hosur, Sathy, Trichy, Salem, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Chennai

R. Mohammed Ali, T. Merwin Wesley, J. Palaniappan

081221 39893, 095004 88803, 074185 17750

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