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Free Hugs Campaign

Spread love by giving hugs…

Give a hug to someone whom you do not know and see how it brightens his or her day! Hugging is a simple act of reaching out to people with the much needed human touch. Interestingly, the person giving the hug feels as happy as the person receiving the hug.

‘Free Hugs Campaign’ having reached India, why don’t you participate in this movement as a volunteer? You would have to stand at a street corner with a sign reading ‘Free Hugs’.  Seeing the sign some persons may come over to enquire as to what this is all about. Someone then will take the lead to hug you and soon there will be a few more who will do the same.

This campaign has already been initiated in Mumbai and a few more cities in India. In the beginning there were apprehensions as to whether response would be good, given the fact that we Indians are not physically expressive with strangers. But that apprehension was soon belied and the campaign succeeded remarkably well.

To join-in, send a message to Vinit Mehta at with your name, age, profession, city of residence and contact number. Vinit's contact number is 080826 06060.

How did it all begin?

It all began in 2004 when Juan Mann stood at a street corner in Sydney, Australia with a ‘Free Hugs’ sign. He had faced personal troubles in his life and thought that he will feel better by hugging other people and thus sharing affection, love, happiness and good cheer. In due course, the idea fired the imagination of people and caught-on to such an extent that the movement has spread throughout the world!

International Free Hugs Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of July.

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Video of the 1st Free Hugs Campaign in Mumbai

Website of Free Hugs Campaign - India

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