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Home Loans for Low Earners

Affordable loans lead to affordable homes…

The need of the hour is to enable lower and middle income Indian families to acquire low-cost houses by providing them access to long term hassle-free housing finance. This will lead to development of affordable housing for low-income households, millions of whom need security in the form of need a roof over their heads.

One of the hindrances is that most of the lower income persons are dependent on the informal sector for their livelihood. They tend to be self-employed in rural or semi-urban areas and would be shopkeepers, shop employees, small traders, petty vendors, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, drivers, maids and the like. There are also salaried low-income employees like Class-3 & 4 municipal employees, teachers, private sector workmen etc.

Since their earnings are in cash or received irregularly, they are unable to provide proof of income in the form of documentary proof which is demanded by large housing finance companies.

What is the ‘modus operandi’ of affordable housing finance companies?

In the absence of documentation, affordable housing finance companies take a more holistic view. The approach is to actively interact with the person to understand his or her vocation, average income, expenses, savings ability, number of dependents etc. Concurrently, field investigations carried out by the lender.

At the end of this process, which does not take long, the lender and borrower arrive at a mutually acceptable EMI figure which the borrower would be able to pay every month without any problem. Housing loan amount is determined by this EMI figure. After the property proposed to be bought is identified by the borrower, lender’s experts ensure that the property has a clear legal status.

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18 Offices in 10 States of India

GRUH Finance Ltd

This company, a subsidiary of HDFC Ltd, offers loans to individuals for purchase, construction, repairs, renovation of dwelling units. Loans are also offered to self-employed segment wherein formal income proofs are not available. The income of such applicants is appraised based on field investigations and surrogate income proof.


Addresses of branch offices

20 Offices in Maharashtra - M.P. - Gujarat - Telangana

Aspire Home Finance Corporation Limited (AHFCL)

Home loans & loans against property for low-income borrowers. Minimum loan amount: Rs. 2 Lakhs & maximum loan amount: Rs.25 Lakhs for a tenure of 15 years. 'MALA' is their housing loan exclusively for women.

022-3980 4200

Contact details of offices

80 Branches in 12 States

Shubham Housing Development Finance Company

Provides housing credit to those with informal incomes who obviously cannot submit formal income documents. Shubham does this by ascertaining form the applicants as to where they come from, what they do, how they earn, spend and save. By taking a holistic view of this information, it is possible for Shubham and the applicant to decide on the amount that can be paid per month as EMI.

0124-421 2530 / 31 / 32

Branch Network (Please click your State on the map)

All India

Asha Home Loans by Axis Bank

Eligible for families with total income of Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 or higher. Loan amount: Upto Rs 15 Lacs in small towns and upto Rs 25 lacs in large towns. Tenure: 30 years.

Axis Bank Loan Center: 1800-233-5577, 1800-209-5577, 1800-103-5577

Web Page

All India

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana's 'Housing for All by 2022' Scheme

Scheme is for persons from Economically-Weaker Section (EWS) and Low-Income Group (LIG) who can get housing loan to the extent of Rs 6 Lakhs at an interest rate of 6.5% for a maximum period of 20 years. Loan amount and period exceeding above figures will attract normal interest rates but only to the extent by which base figures are exceeded. Intending applicants may approach branches of Nationalised Banks.

Web Page

Approved Projects in Major Cities of Gujarat - Maharashtra - MP

Micro Housing Finance Corporation Ltd

Loan Amount: Maximum Rs 10 lakhs. Tenor: Maximum 15 years. Access 'Projects' link on their home page to see details of approved projects.

022-2266 0427, 3098 7922

Bangalore Indore Mumbai Pune Surat

Vastu Housing Finace Corporation

022-2499 9911

Branches in Tamil Nadu - Pondicherry - Karnataka - Telangana - AP

Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd.

Aptus attends to housing finance needs of self employed and informal segment of customers who belong to middle income segment and are primarily from semi-urban and rural markets. It is OK if you don’t have all the required documents. Aptus focusses on the affordable housing segment where the need is for home loans of value between Rs 5 lacs to Rs 25 lacs. The maximum tenure offered is 15 years.

044-4565 0000

Chennai Delhi-NCR Mumbai

IFMR Capital

Chennai: 044-6668 7000, Delhi: 0124-458 7830, Mumbai: 022-6668 7500

Over 60 Offices Across 9 States of India

Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd.

Provides housing finance to the lower and middle income segment. Loan can be aviled by both salaried and self-employed persons earning between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month.

022-3950 9900

Addresses and Phone Nos of Offices

States of Delhi - Rajastan - UP - MP - Gujarat - Maharshtra - Chattisgarh - Orissa

India Shelter Finance Corporation Ltd

Provides home loans in the range of Rs 3 Lakhs to Rs 20 Lakhs to low and middle income urban borrowers for a period of up to 20 years, for purchase of apartments, construction of homes, home improvements and home extensions. Loan is granted without proof of income.

1800-532-4444, 0124-413 1800, Whatsapp: 70653 24444

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