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Locating Missing Kids Persons

The sad plight of India’s missing children…

Almost 60,000 children go missing every year in India and there are many factors at play for this dismal phenomenon. Many children flee from homes due to poverty or negligent and abusive parents, aggressive environment or physical abuse. Then there are kids who are abducted or trafficked to serve as live-in maids or as cheap labour in factories, shops and homes in India’s booming cities. Some children run away from homes after they are upset with their families, but on realising their mistake do not know as to how to get back home and end up getting into illegal activities.

The kids who land on the streets of cities, having no protection, are pushed into gang-run rackets like begging and thievery to survive. Others are subjected to sexual exploitation. Gradually the child gets addicted to street life with its freedom, non-supervision by elders, absence of studies etc. The longer a child stays on the street the greater will be the difficulty of rehabilitating him or her.

How can you help the missing kids or adults?

There are many ways in which each of us could help out in reuniting missing kids and adults with their families. As soon as you come to know of any missing person in your neighbourhood, you can help in getting the FIR registered with the nearest police station followed by submitting the photo and details of the missing person to the portals listed in Resources below.

On the other hand, when you encounter a runaway child at busy junctions, bus stops, markets, temples or under flyovers try to speak to the child to find out more about him or her. If the child is interested to return to the family, contact ChildLine helpline or local police who will help in repatriation of the child to the family. If the child is unable to recollect names of parents, hometown etc, the photo can be published in the portals like Khoya-Paya. If you do not wish to do this on your own, get in touch with child activists or organizations like Bachpan Bachao Andolan.

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'Chirag' App by Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights

This app has been launched in order to help and rescue street children. The app allows citizens and children to file complaint on violation of child rights. The app also has all child-protection laws as well as a directory of Government officials who work for child rights.

Link to download app on Android phone

'Operation Smile' 'Operation Muskaan' 'Operation Smile-II'

These campaigns are conducted by Government Railway Police (GRP) all over India. Lone children who are found to be lingering & loitering at railway stations for no apparent reason, are picked by GRP and handed over to child-welfare NGOs. In the meantime, GRP locates the parents and ensures that the child is reunited. Over 10,000 children have been rescued in the above operations.

Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA)

Set up by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi, BBA seeks to protect children from trafficking, slavery and child labour and then ensure that the kids receive quality education. If you know someone who employs children, bring it to BBA's attention. BBA operates two rehabilitation centers for rescued children, in Delhi and Rajasthan.

011-4921 1111, 2622 4899

Childline, a Helpline for Missing Children

ChildLine is India's first toll-free 24-hour emergency phone service for children in need of aid and assistance. Whether you are a concerned adult or a child, you can dial 1098 and ChildLine will respond to the emergency needs of children as well as connecting them to services for their long-term care and rehabilitation.

All India toll-free emergency number: 1098

Helping Faceless

A mobile app that uses face-recognition technology to unite missing children with their families. You may take photos of kids you find on street asking for money, upload the same on the app and algorithms will match these photos with the photos of missing children provided by parents.

088790 26299


This website is by Ministry of Women's and Child Development, Govt of India. You can submit details if your child is missing. The website can be used in case a child is sighted or if you want to search for a missing child.

011-2338 2747


Missing People

This is an initiative by actor Ajay Devgn and Vasant Dhoble, Retired ACP of Mumbai Police. The website's database will be made up of details and photo uploaded by kin of missing kids/adults as well as police record of missing persons. Volunteers will submit photos of people in hospital, the abandoned, beggars, those who have lost memory, those waiting at police stations etc. Facial recognition software will match the missing person's database with the volunteer submissions.

National Centre for Missing Children

You can report a missing child and the details with photo will be displayed on the website. You can also see details of children found who are looking for parents and in the meantime they are housed in orphanages.

0731-302 6998


National Tracking System for Missing & Vulnerable Children (TrackChild)

On this TrackChild portal, you can see photographs of missing as well as found children. You can also check the status of your complaint lodged in a police station pertaining to a missing child.

098309 20103


Samatol Foundation

They rescue run-away children begging on streets or living on railway platforms in Mumbai. They are provided food and shelter until they are reunited with their parents.

Gala No.55, Dadoji Konddev Stadium, Khartan Road, Thane (W)

Vijay Jadhav, Kishore Moghe

098929 61124, 098339 94754


Government Railway Police (GRP) uploads on this portal the photographs of unknown rail accident victims. Relatives of missing persons / children can access the portal and look at the photos. Presently the site covers the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka only.

098333 31111

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