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Ensuring Voting by Voters

Voter apathy is a major cause…

Voter enthusiasm in India’s electoral process has waned over the years on account of declining standard in politics which has spawned scams, corruption, nepotism and venality. The cynicism of educated middle classes has caused many of them staying away from exercising the franchise.

Rather than taking a pessimistic view, every citizen should realise the value of their vote and strive to reform the process from within. You should ensure that your name is on the electoral list. If you have just attained voting age, do approach the nearest electoral office to sign-on and get a Voter’s ID card.

Organisations listed in Resources below provide, through their websites, information which decodes voter registration process and other issues relevant to voter. They also assist citizens by helping them register and obtain voter ID card as well as by organizing online and offline meetings with candidates. 

Make an informed choice and vote...

Be it a general election for Lok Sabha or a state election or a municipal corporation election, it is not enough if you vote. It is far more important to vote responsibly so that the right person is elected as MP or MLA or Corporator.

To make the right choice, you need to be aware of the programmes of candidates as well as that of their respective parties. If a sitting member stands for re-election, his record during the previous term has to be examined to ascertain as to what extent he could fulfill promises made prior to election.

Finally, a non-negotiable condition that every voter should follow is that viote is not cast for any candidate who is tainted by corruption or criminality.

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'True Voter' app of Maharashtra State Election Commission

With just a click, any registered voter can find the location of his or her polling booth. You can also find the easiest and quickest route to reach the polling booth using GPS.

Link to download the app from Google Play

Grass Route India

Organises interactions between voters and politicians online (Google hangouts, Twitter chats) as well as offline.

Deepa Kumar

099207 49982

Facebook Page

Haiyya - Organise For Action

Haiyya mobilises young people to carry out grass-routes campaigns on social issues such as voting, women's concerns, civics, governance etc. For this, they conduct 2-day coaching camps in Delhi and Mumbai and you may consider signing-on for the same.

22A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi 110024

098715 92056

Web Page on Haiyya Camps

I Vote for a Better India

They strive to Increase voter awareness, increase voter registration, clean the electoral rolls to reduce bogus voting and increase voting turnout.

705, 7th floor, D-Definity, Above Cosmos Bank, Jay Prakash Nagar, Road No.1, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400063.

022-4004 3705


As a voter, you may be interested to learn about past elections. IndiaVotes covers data on all Lok Sabha elections since 1952 and all State elections since 1977.

Jaago Re! One Billion Votes Campaign

Through the website you can search voter list to check whether your name is in it. If not, you can register to vote, via the site. Other information provided covers eligibility, first time voter, moved to a new city, moved within a city etc.


Know Your Vote

'Know Your Vote' is run by students and seeks to motivate youth to vote as well as to demand accountability and governance. You can join them to the spread the message as a volunteer (as a campus ambassador or blogger) or as an intern (for graphic designing or social media campaigns).

B 62 Empire Estate, Kemps Corner, Mumbai 400036.

099209 11792

National Voters' Services Portal

Access this portal set up by Election Commission of India to (a) Search Your Name in electoral roll (b) Apply online for registration of new voter (c) Apply online for registration of overseas voter (d) Correction of entries in electoral roll (e) Know your booth, AC and PC (f) Know your BLO, ERO and DEO

Operation Black Dot (OBD)

Mumbai's most successful voter registration & awareness campaign. Prior to general or state elections their campus ambassadors fan out into colleges and assist eligible students to make their Voter ID cards. During elections OBD helps voters understand important issues.

Systematic Voters' Education & Electoral Participation (SVEEP)

SVEEP is a programme of educating citizens, electors and voters about the electoral process so that there is an increased awareness leading to greater participation in the electoral processes.

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