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Online Petition Campaigns

Mobilise public opinion through an online petition campaign…

Access one of the portals listed below to enter the world of online petitions. You may sign-in to support a current campaign or you can start a campaign relating to any subject in which you strongly believe in or to popularise an issue you care about. In order to attract supporters, the petition would have to be publicized through social media and other avenues.

After the targeted number of persons sign-on in support of a campaign, the portal forwards the petition to the concerned Authority or organisation from whom the corrective action is sought.

Digital campaigning through online petitions are an innovative method for political, social and cultural problems to be highlighted and for solutions to be suggested.  The aim is to serve public interest as well as to transform our country and the world, one tiny step at a time. Through this route citizens can attempt to bring about a change, shake up the system and hold people in power accountable.

The campaigns seek to bring about social change by fighting corruption, demanding accountability, altering cultural mores, improvement in civic services, advancing development, lessening inequality etc. Petitions may be directed towards corporates, government, organizations or society in general.

Some of the petitions seeking pursued in the past…

Examples of some of the petitions pursued in the past are (a) To declare death of poor due to heatwaves as a natural disaster (b) To introduce a good samaritan law in parliament (c) To legislate a stronger road safety law (d) To uphold net neutrality (e) To ensure a cleaner river Ganga (f) To criminalise marital rape etc etc.

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