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In a vibrant democracy, elected representatives need to perform…

Gone are the days when candidates would make tall promises to the electorate, but after getting elected as Members of Parliament or as Members of Legislative Assembly would rarely show up at their constituencies.  Despite lacklustre performance, many MPs and MLAs were managing to get re-elected  due to money power, muscle power and vote-bank politics.

Today, the Indian electorate has matured and demands accountability. It expects the MP or MLA to think and act as a servant of people rather than as a master. MPs and MLAs need to perform through provision of new amenities and facilities as well as other development initiatives in their constituency. They have to attend parliament or the legislative asssembly regularly and raise issues that are of concen to their electorate.

Assign rating to the performance of MPs and MLAs…

iForIndia, Watch Your MP, MumbaiVotes, Praja Foundation and MLAReportCard / MPReportCard are online platforms to rate an MLA or MP or Municipal Councillor (Corporator) and prepare a report card purely on the basis of work undertaken by him or her. Access the websites and rate the performance of your MP and MLA in respect of development initiatives to fulfill the constituency’s basic needs as well as other parameters like governance, administration, growth and progress.

Visitors to the portals either are asked to answer a questionnaire or to assign ratings ranging from one star which stands for ‘very dissatisfied’ to five stars which stands for ‘very satisfied’. Cumulative rating generated as a result of submission by many voters would give an overall idea about the candidate’s performance.

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