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Donate Used Clothes Things

India’s poor need assistance in kind…

Many among India’s poor and underprivileged are short of adequate clothing and other basic things. Donated second-hand goods which are in usable condition not only make their lives better but also promote the eco-friendly concept of recycling. What is waste for you is resource for the less fortunate. So instead of throwing away something, donate it!

Some of the most useful items for the needy are clothes and footwear.  In our urban homes, we have clothes that do not fit us anymore. As our babies and children grow up, they outgrow their clothes and toys every year. Similarly shoes and chappals also become surplus due to various reasons. Other used things that we can consider donating are bags, suitcases, bedsheets, blankets, books, stationary, utensils, mobile phones, appliances, electronic items etc.

How are the donated goods taken care of?

The clothes received are sorted out and mended by sewing, if need be. Tattered or torn clothes are processed to make sanitary pads or socks. Appliances and electronics items are repaired, if they are non-functional.  Thereafter the items are packed and transported for distribution to rural poor and urban slum-dwellers. Recipients also include NGOs, orphanages, old-age homes, children's homes, shelters etc.

Collection methods vary widely and are dependent on every organisation’s resources. Some organisations have set-up drop-off points in cities where the used goods can be handed over. Drop-off points can be found in housing societies, malls etc which are manned by volunteers. In other cases, a donor can contact the organisation on phone and their volunteer will meet the donor at a convenient place and collect the goods. Occasionally, depending on quantity, some organisations are able to collect from homes, corporate offices etc.

16 Locations all over India (Offices & Dropping Centres)


Donate used clothes which are in usable condition ay their nearest drop-off point. Goonj sorts, mends and packs the clothes and distributes them to poor in cities. Waste cloth is turned into sanitary pads and handed over to women in villages.

HO: J-93, Sarita Vihar, New Delh 110076

HO: 011-4140 1216, 2697 2351

Contact details of Goonj’s Offices

All India

Donate Hair for Cancer Patients

To provide free wigs to poor patients who have lost hair due to chemotherapy, radiation etc. Bleached or treated hair is not acceptable. Donated hair to be at least 15" long but if it in layers 12" is OK. Courier after placing the cut-hair in a plastic bag and then inside a padded envelope with your name & address:

(1) Cope With Cancer, Madat Charitable Trust, Mangal Anand Hospital, 48 Swastik Park, Chembur, Mumbai 400071 (2) Hair Aid, Ganesh Apts., Flat No. 1, Ground Floor, Plot no.40, Pandurang Wadi, Road No. 3, Goregaon East, Near St Thomas School, Mumbai 400063 (3) V Care Foundation, A-102, Om Residency, J.W. Road, Near Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai 400012

Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Kapda Bank by Haroon Mukati Islamic Centre (HMIC)

Each person who signs-on to Kapda Bank is requested to 'deposit' new or used (in good and usable condition) clothes. The poor, aged, sick or the unemployed people can come to the Kapda Bank and 'withdraw' clothes that fit them.

Jinsi Baijipura Road, Aurangabad 431001

Yusuf Mukati

Facebook Page


‘Parcel of Happiness’ initiative by Pigeon

This initiative has been launched by Pigeon, India’s leading courier and delivery company. Donate items like clothes, bags, books, medicines and other non-perishable goods which Pigeon will collect free of cost from your home and deliver the same to the less fortunate. To begin with, download the app.

Download the Android App


BEAD SocialEnterprise

Donate your used bed linen and home linen (and not used clothes), which are recycled into quilts by poor urban artisans. While the quilts are provided to those who cannot afford them, the poor artisans are able to better their livelihoods through improved incomes.

092431 14425


R K Foundation

Donate new and used but clean and usable clothes to their 'Vastra - The Clothes Bank'. You may drop them off at one of their 5 collection centres in Bangalore. These clothes are sorted according to size, gender and purpose and stacked in the foundation’s collection centre to facilitate easy distribution. These clothes thereafter make their way to community organisations and civil society organisations as per their need.

No 2 New Raja Building , 2nd Floor , N R Road, Bangalore 560002

K. Venkateshwaran: 098451 15256, Sumathi Rangachar: 098454 53403

080-2221 0088


Share At Door Step (SADS)

Donate old clothes, books, and other household goods. From their website select the NGO to whom you wish to donate. Thereafter schedule a pickup by SADS who will deliver the goods to the chosen NGO for a convenience fee of Rs 199 per pickup.

81979 93127


Share At Door Step (SADS)

They provide free door-step pickup of clothes, shoes, household items, toys, stuffed animals, appliances, unused stationary items, electronics, computers, TVs etc. After sorting, cleaning, repairing (as applicable) the used items are delivered to NGOs who have asked for them.

081979 93127



They collect all your used/old news papers, note books, magazines & any other paper related items and in exchange, provide new useful books that you may wish to read.

# Shop No 2, Venkatesh Building, Near Balaji Nursing Home, Shanthi Layout Main Road, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore 560016

091640 11187

Bangalore      Hyderabad

VFT Aarti Home (Vijay Foundation Trust)

VFT Aarti Home at Kadapa (AP) provides shelter and education to girls in order to combat the cycle of female abandonment, mistreatment and infanticide. Please dial the phone nos to note the addresses of locations in Hyderabad and Bangalore where the used items can be handed over.

08562-247 106, 094402 80111

Web Page of items which may be donated.

Bangalore      Mumbai      Pune


If you are living in Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune, please hand over used toys in good-condition to Toybank who then distribute them to under-privileged children. Barbie dolls and toys that promote violence (like guns) are not accepted.

022-2438 8235


'Old Clothes Scheme' of Rajasthan Cosmo Club Foundation

Under this Program, people are urged to hand over old and unused clothes to their office. The collected clothes are mended (if required), washed, neatly ironed, segregated into various categories and sizes and packed in poly bags. These reconditioned clothes are then distributed to the needy people and organizations across India.

28, Noor Veerasamy Lane, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034

044-2821 3149


Isai Prakash

Isai Prakash and his team collect used clothes from donors who approach them. The clothes will be first segregated followed by washing and pressing. These will then gift-wrapped and handed over to orphanages in Chennai.

96770 85646, 99416 51168.



Pathway serves thousands of poor every month by providing medical, psychiatric, pediatric and dental care. Used goods in good condition may be donated.

E 76/1 12th West Street, Kamraj Nagar, Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041

044-2448 8366, 2448 3949, 098400 29352

Facebook Page


RIDE India

This NGO seeks to uplift poor children & women from rural Tamil Nadu. Please hand over donations to their office of newly-bought school materials, clothes, toiletries, shoes, seeds, toys, medicines and school materials like notebooks, colouring pens, pencils, chalk boards, wall charts and reading books in English and Tamil for children up to the age of 14 years. Seeds Toys Medicines

48, Periyar Nagar, Little Kanchipuram, Kanchipuram 631501 (2-1/2 hours away from Chennai)

Lion S.Jeyaraj

04427-268 223, 094433 68393


Sankara Nethralaya

At their various branches in Chennai, drop boxes have been placed in which old used spectacles can be dropped. The lenses are discarded and frames are polished and given to under-privileged people.

No. 18, College Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600006

044-4227 1500


Udavum Karangal (Helping Hands)

At their centres in Tamil Nadu, Udavaum Karangal takes care of over 2000 unfortunate humanity from new-born babies to the dying destitute. Donate to them in kind.

460, NSK Salai, Anna Nagar, Chennai

044-2621 6321, 2621 6421


American Welcome Association (AWA)

AWA has a Thrift Shop which either sells used items (with proceeds going to outreach efforts) or donates them directly to NGOs. Goods accepted are clothes, toys, household goods, appliances, DVDs, books, toiletries etc.

Panchsheel Marg, Gate D, American Embassy Compound, New Delhi

011-2419 8509


Clothes Box Foundation

If you want to donate old clothes, post a message on their Facebook page and then drop the clothes at the nearest Clothes Box Foundation donation centre, who then sorts, segregates and distributes to the needy. A picture is clicked of the clothing with the tag in the hand of the needful and is posted on the Facebook page.

Sajan: 098101 96688, Naman: 097173 45363

Facebook Page


Dream Girl Foundation

They strive to improve the lives of girls by providing them education, shelter and clothing across the country. You may donate clothes and toys suitable for girl children of 1 to 14 years of age. Fill the form and they will contact you within 48 hours for picking of materials.

99F, B-Block, Surya Vihar, Gurgaon 122001

098731 33134, 0124-659 9945


Uday Foundation

Uday Foundation works to improve the lives of children as well as the homeless. Their slogan is 'Donate Clothes, Change Lives'. Clothes for children and adults are welcome.

113A/1 Near Govardhan Resturant, Adhchini, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110017

011-2656 1444 / 333

Web Page


Clothes Bank of Xavier's Foundation

Clothes may be deposited at their office or alternately volunteers shall collect the same form your location. The clothes are sorted and undergo a need-based repairing. Distribution is through the existing network of Xavier's Foundation.

Xavier’s Foundation, Rajgarh Main Road, House No. 8 & 9, Guwahati 781003

0361–245 8009, 098640 22265, 098540 55969

Web Page


Sphoorti Foundation

Need (a) Provisions: Soaps, detergent powder, shampoo, hair oil, talcum powder, tooth paste, Dettol (b) Academic needs: Long notebooks, school bags, geometry boxes, exam pads.

Survey No. 324, Dundigal Village, Qutbullapur Mandal, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad 500043

99595 59022

Kakinada (AP)


For their orphanage, need rice baga, groceries, school bags, books, stationary etc.

#3-10/3, Ramakrishna Nagar, Vakalapudi, Behind Vedika Function Hall, Kakinada 533005

096666 92113


Responsible Charity

Need following items for families living in slum communities and villages near Kolkata: Used clothes in good condition for all ages, belts, bags, scarfs and winter wear. Do not give ripped, worn-out or stained clothes, undergarments, socks or shoes. Hand over to their office on first Sunday of every month between 11 am - 3 pm.

22 Saktigarh Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata 700032

033-4004 8442

Facebook Page


'Kapda Bank' by Mumbai Dabbawalas

If you wish to donate clothes for poor, please hand over the same to your dabbawala at the time of tiffin delivery. Prior to that, you can call the numbers below. Dabbawalas deliver the clothes to the needy in Mumbai's slums as well as people living in tribal areas of Palghar, Thane.

Mumbai Jevandabbe Vahatuk Mahamandal, Mumbai

098672 21310, 086527 60542


Back Alley

They seek donation of (mostly) unused clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags, belts, hats, caps, books, CDs, DVDs, lamp shades, small tables, chairs, toys, home decor items, stationary. These are sold at events called ‘The Thrift Shop’ and the proceeds are entirely donated to charities.

Facebook Page


Doctors For You

Hotels in Mumbai donate leftover soap bars which are cleaned, sanitized in concentrated chlorine liquid, crushed and finally cold-pressed to create soap bars. These are distributed to slum-dwellers in Mankhurd, Govandi and Deonar, who are too poor to afford soap.

Flat No.101, Building No.31, Natwar Parikh Compound, Govandi West, Mumbai 400043

022-3225 3913, 075063 63580



Donate your old PC which will be sent to needy schools, NGOs or organisations. PC with minor, repairable problems will also be accepted. Donors may register your proposed donation details on the site and you will be contacted when a needy NGO requires your PC.

073031 10618



Donate used & discarded sports shoes and other shoes to GreenSole, who recycle & refurbish the same into comfortable footwear, which are provided to the neediest poor & underprivileged through corporates, NGOs and schools. A part of the footwear produced is also sold to sustain this social venture.

#135, Marol Co-Operative Industrial Estate, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059

Ramesh Dhami & Shriyans Bhandari

096642 25815, 096199 89195, 098194 51805


Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief & Care Trust

To help cancer patients, please send unused medicines of any kind, books, clothes or toys to Jeevan Jyot who provide food, accommodation and guidance to cancer patients.

3/9, Kondaji Chawl, Jerbai Wadia Road, Parel, Mumbai 400012

022-2415 3453, 2412 5848



An organisation working to empower girls from Mumbai's red-light areas. Requires books, computers, office & school supplies, clothes, furniture, kitchen stuff etc. Please send an email to them if you wish to donate such goods.


Period of Sharing

This is a programme by MUSE to help rural women with sanitary napkins for their personal hygiene during menstruation. MUSE sends sanitary napkins to 500 poor tribal girls in rural Maharashtra. Please sign up for this programme and thereafter, you need to donate 1 sanitary napkins packet every month.

098335 00987, 098337 50562, 098193 65617

Facebook Page


Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust

An organisation serving children and youth from underprivileged strata of society. Welcome donation of used (but in good condition) Toys, Garments, Books and Computers. They will get the items collected form your end.

5th Floor Vasant Vilas, 31, DD Sathye Marg, Mumbai 400004

022-6150 6435, 2389 8930

Web Page


Sanitary Pad Bank by TEE Foundation

Please donate sanitary pads to this Pad Bank so that in turn they can provide the same to needy girls and women as well as to tribal girls in Zilla Parishad schools. One of the causes of cerival cancer is usage of unhygienic materials like cloth.

New MHADA Colony, Near Lokhandwala Circle, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053.

098199 85042, 090290 37007, 096196 92723.


Seams for Dreams

An initiative by actress Evelyn Sharma. Used clothing may be delivered to the address below. Based on the condition of the clothing, it is distributed to their affiliated NGOs or sold at their fundraiser garage sales or is sent for recycling.

Corinthian, 3rd Floor, Link Road, Khar West, Mumbai 400052

022-6146 4020


Wishing Well

You are welcome to donate clothes, toys, books, electronic goods, household goods. These are given to organisations serving the needy. Please send an email with a description of the goods, which will be collected by them if you are located between Jogeshwari and Colaba.

Navruz Vakil, Arshan Vakil, Riva Jhunjhunwala, Arti Vakil

022-2363 7635, 098211 27654


Zaroorat A Need - An initiative of Green Yatra

Donate old household stuff as clothes, toys, books, stationary and durable goods. They request that while handing over old things, the donor may also pay the transportation cost from their home/office to Mira Road. The organisation works with limited budget, hence this request.

Row House G-12, Mahavir Nagar, Idle Park, Near Orange Hospital, Mira Road (East) 401107

022-6588 6649, 099675 38049

Web Page



This is a portal to connect a donor with an NGO. Register, submit details of items being donated and then portal puts you in touch with the NGO who needs the items. Goods that can be offered include clothes, books, footwear, furniture, utensils, games, dry ration etc.

099204 14940


Think Twice

Before you throw away any used/old item, publish the details on this page with or without pictures. It can be anything like a cooking pan, DVD movies, clothes or furniture. Someone else can find the item useful. Similarly, if you need something but cannot afford to buy it new and can settle for a used one, do post your requirement.

Facebook Page


Aadhar Pratishthan Trust.

Donate things like books, clothes, and toys for children, computer accessories, electronics and food etc.

48/A, Sainagari Society, Opp Ganga Hospital, Chandan Nagar, Pune 411014

020-6510 4143, 098601 33100, 098906 30808


More Welfare Trust

Accept used clothes, computers, toys etc all of which are donated to needy. Used clothing may be of all kinds. T-Shirts, shirts, pants, salwaar kameez, sarees, kids' clothes. Used old/new toys are passed on to the orphanages and shelters for mentally challenged children.

More Petrol Pump, Shivne, Pune

099229 55533, 090110 40906, 090110 13330

Web Page


The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission

PO Banbasa, Dist. Champawat, Uttarakhand 262310

Need for boys/girls aged 6 to 18: Jeans, T shirts, boys shorts, raincoats, belts, hats, bags, toys, roller skates, badminton racquets, board games, library books, craft supplies etc.

88597 09702, 88597 09288