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Donate Used or New Bicycle

A bicycle can be of great use for the underprivileged…

For the children and adults from well-to-do families based in cities, a bicycle is meant for recreational rides or for rides to develop physical fitness. But for the underprivileged, a cycle is a very useful means of transport since it requires very little maintenance and there are no running costs.

Used bicycles are often seen dumped in housing society premises because they have broken down or appear old and therefore are not considered stylish. Children discard an older bicycle when a newer model is given by parents.

Among the needy two groups stand out: Firstly, girl students in the villages whose schools are located at a distance and whose parents are unable to afford the to & fro bus fare. Many girl students drop out of school for this reason. Secondly, the delivery-men and vendors in cities who deliver and sell milk, vegetables, fruits etc and for whom bicycle is a lifeline. Their present bicycles are often ramshackle and old but lack of finances constrain buying a new cycle.

Now, your donation of a new or used bicycle will reach a needy person…

If you wish to donate a used bicycle, there are persons and organisations who will come to collect the used cycle from your location. Used bicycles which are non-functional will be repaired by them. If you wish to donate a new bicycle, you just need to pay the amount to the organization who will then do the buying on your behalf.

Be it a new bicycle or a used one, you as a donor will be informed as to whom it has been donated to and in fact, you can even remain in touch with the bicycle's recipient.

All India

Eco-Solar Bicycle (ESB) by Urban Toilers

ESB is meant to serve a social cause. Sponsor and donate a ESB for home delivery vendors like newspaper boys, milkmen, dabbawalas, grocery boy etc. The ESB is a solar-powered bicycle requiring 5-6 hours to charge in sunlight. It can run for 3 hours on a single charge at a speed of 20 km per hour. Costing about Rs 18,000, this means of transport is far cheaper than a bike and much more efficient than a bicycle.

Ahaan Parekh


'Gift a Cycle' by IIT for Villages (IViL)

This is an initiative by students of IIT Madras. The IIT students buy cycles for use in campus and these cycles used to be sold or abandoned by them on graduation. In view of this initiative, the graduating students now donate the used cycles which are then distributed to deserving poor students in the neighbouring districts of Tamil Nadu. Individuals from Chennai can also donate cycles to IViL

Facebook Page


Barfliss Action Group

This is a group formed by alumni (ex-students) of Seth C D Barfiwala High School, Andheri (W). They seek donation of used bicycle in working condition or cash donation for purchase of new bicycles. These used and new bicycles are donated to poor children from areas like Virar, Palghar and Pali, who have to walk long distances to reach their schools.

098679 99079, 098197 20934, 098207 08506, 098925 74574


Bicycle Angels

Their mission is to supply new bicycles to urban vendors who deliver goods by bicycle (milk, fruits, vegetables etc) to make a living. Purchase of a bicycle will require a donation of Rs 3000 from you, since the balance Rs 2000 will be paid by the bicycle's recipient. If interested, apply to join their Facebook Group.


Pazar Foundation

Are seeking donation of used bicycles which are in usable and working condition. The bicycles would serve as a valuable mode of travel for poor students in rural areas.

5, Saraswati Sadan, Pannalal Ghosh Marg, Near Somwar Bazar Road, Malad (West), Mumbai 400064

Prashant Pawar: 098200 32610, Niyam Mayekar 098209 92181, Amol Rane: 099698 84001


Prayas Seva Sanstha

Donate your used bicycles, which will be distributed by this NGO among tribal students in Dahanu, Palghar (near Mumbai) who commute around 4 km dally to attend school.

Shop No.9, Kaveri Bldg No.13, Ramnagar, Chincholi Bunder Road, Malad West, Mumbai 400064

022-2881 2499, 091675 85825, 075060 66828

Facebook Page


Seva Sahayog

On receiving your SMS or email, Seva Sahayog (a non-profit organisation) collects the used bicycle from your location in Mumbai. If need be, the bicycles are repaired and then handed over to the needy students in Karjat who live far away from school.

Send SMS “BICYCLE ” to 7738975588

Web Page


The Bicycle Project

Hemant and his team of volunteers collect old cycles from housing societies in Mumbai and repair them. The bicycles are handed over to tribal girl students who are regular in attendance and are studious but are located far away from school.

Hemant Chhabra



The Campus Bicycle Project

They seek donation of unused or idle bicycles which will be given to students who have to walk miles to get to school, in interior Maharashtra. If you wish to donate a used cycle, send an email to them.

Facebook Page


Freedom Ride for Girls by Mann Deshi Foundation

Mann Deshi Foundation is renowned for their work in empowering rural women and their families since 1996. You can support the foundation by donating cost of a new bicycle. This enables girls who wish to continue pursuit of higher education to be able to carry on with schooling. Mann Deshi can send you information and pictures of the specific girl you’ve helped.

Rekha Kulkarni, Vanita Shinde

1800-2122-112, 094238 68386, 086051 77711


More Welfare Trust

You are welcome to donate them towards the cost of a new bicycle. The Trust buys the bicycle and donates it to a deserving girl student in a rural area of Maharashtra.

More Petrol Pump, Shivne, Pune

099229 55533, 090110 40906, 090110 13330