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Dispose or Recycle Waste

Electronic waste is a ticking time bomb!

Electronic waste is made up of old, discarded computer keyboards, monitors, laptops, printers, TVs, CDs, batteries, mobile phone chargers, compact florescent lamps (CFLs) etc, all of which contain toxic products. For instance cathode ray tubes (CRTs) contain lead, Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) contain mercury, flame retardant plastic contains polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). All these endanger human health by polluting air and water.

India generates e-waste in excess of 500,000 tons each year and very little of it is getting recycled.  Unfortunately, most households prefer to sell their e-waste to local scarp dealers who have no expertise in scientific processing of ewaste. After removal of chips, circuit boards etc, the ewaste gets dumped in landfills and in due course the toxic metals and chemicals penetrate the soil to contaminate ground-water.

Get your waste and e-waste disposed off safely…

The next time, when you want to dispose-off old electronic devices from your office or home to the neighbourhood kabadiwala, act as a responsible eco-citizen and call up one of the recyclers in your city (listed in Resources section below) who will collect the old goods to be discarded. As collection and transportation is an expensive activity, these recycling companies prefer to handle e-waste generated by corporates and aggregators, but some of them do attend to collection of e-waste from individuals.

The recyclers dismantle the item and keep aside the usable parts. The non-reusable parts are segregated into categories such as metals (lead, cadmium etc), plastic, glass and so on. Metals are sold to re-melting companies, whereas other items are shredded and then safely destroyed in company-owned or government-owned hazardous waste treatment facilities. The other option to safely recycle is to sell your old electronics item to refurbishment companies like Reglobe who quote a price and on acceptance, pay and collect the item.

Regular household waste consists of organic wet waste and dry waste, especilly paper. It is essential that households segregate the two, prior to handing over to outfits who collect the same from individual's doorstep. Organic waste is composted for usage as a nutrient for plants. Paper is also collected by outfits who in most cases have trained raddiwalas to perform the task. Paper is weighed by them at the doorstep and payment is made on-the-spot. Out of over 11 million tons of paper produced in India annually, over 8 million tons fails to get recycled. It is high time that we aim to recycle 80% of waste paper, like in Sweden.

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15 Cities in India

The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network seeks to keep reusable items out of landfills. Consumers are encouraged either to recycle goods by passing them on for free or take from a common pool of donated goods. Freecycle has local groups in major cities in India and any member can submit a posting of an item that is available for giving away. This item will be given to any other member who has expressed a need for the same.

Contact details of Freecycle Groups in 15 cities of India

55 Centres in India

Arham Yuva Seva Group (AYSG)

Their 1500-plus volunteers in various cities go on a door-to-door campaign twice a month in housing societies to collect newspapers and old corrugated boxes. AYSG sells these waste papers and proceeds are used to fund activities that serve poor with health care, education and food.

Parasdham, Vallabhbaug Lane, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai 400077


Let's Recycle

They pickup from companies commercial and industrial waste, paper and cardboard, metal, glass etc, all of which are fully recycled.

206, Kalasagar Mall, Sattadhar Char Rasta, Ahmedabad 380061

079-4005 0400



Residential complexes and companies can sign-on with them for regular waste collection. Organic waste is converted into bio-gas or compost. Non-organic waste is processed to recycle useful raw materials.


Daily Dump

Daily Dump supplies products and services for decentralized waste management in homes, communities, offices and public spaces. Product range consists of of segregation products, composters, books, services and more.

1163, 1st Cross, Off 12th Main, Near Sony Center, HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560008

080-4115 7311, 099164 26661, 098863 63882


Hasiru Dala Innovations

Hasiru Dala is a waste-pickers’ non-profit organization in Bangalore. Waste is picked-up from housing societies and offices. Thereafter it is segregated and processed. In the process, the income of waste-pickers has increased by 100%.

c/o Better Future, 1023, 3rd cross, 13th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore.

097421 12362, 080-4206 8172


Recycle Guru

Recycle Guru trains kabadiwalas in each locality in waste management. Thereafter each kabadiwala is assigned to pick up all kinds of dry waste from members who register on the site. The kabadiwalas will pay for the waste to the customer as per Recycle Guru's rates.

099164 26661



Saahas has an e-waste collection centre in Ejipura, where e-waste can be dropped off. Apart from this, Saahas has several public collection points where general public can drop off their e-waste. Saahas also provides a service at a nominal cost to collect e-waste from apartments.

433, 8th cross, Jayanagar, 1st block, Bangalore 560011

Wilma Rodrigues

080-4168 9889

Bangalore      Chennai      Cochin      Coimbatore      Madurai

ITC's Wealth out of Waste (WOW) programme

If you are a resident of one of the above cities, ITC's volunteers may contact you sooner or later to collect recyclable waste paper. Corporates, NGOs and civic bodies are all part of this movement. WOW is designed to manage waste from individual households and civic bodies.

Web Page



Schedule a pick-up through website/mobile. Segregate and keep your items ready. The items are picked up and amount is paid instantly. Paper, plastic and glass scrap as well as mobiles, computers and wearable clothes are accepted. Wooden items and polythene bags/covers are not accepted.

080-3951 5121



Collect scrap from homes, apartments, societies, schools, colleges, malls, shops, offices and payment is made on-the-spot.

127, Near Takshila School, Rachna Nagar, Bhopal

Anurag Asati

076972 60260, 076974 60460


Kabadiwalla Connect

Their Recykle app helps people to connect to the closest Kabadiwalla in Chennai so that the household recyclable waste can be routed accordingly. The app provides tips to segregate as well as information that is needed to manage waste responsibly at home.

Siddharth Hande



Register on the website and ask for collection of paper, plastic, metal, glass etc at the time suitable to you. An authorised local kabadiwala will collect form your doorstep in 3 hours. You can receive cash for the waste or donate the money to a deserving charity.

Mathew Jose

080152 69831, 044-3318 5111

Chennai      Pune


Upon your request, their person will collect your house hold junk (milk pouches, old newspapers, plastics, iron, aluminium etc) and payment will be on the spot.

1st Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600083
Shop No 1, 106 Guruwar Peth, Adinath Market, Pune 411002

Joseph Jegan

Chennai: 044-4203 3185, 086800 47756, Pune: 020-2449 5956, 098901 95956


HRA e-waste Pvt. Ltd.

The E-waste is collected by them from households, bulk consumers and industries in the Delhi Region (NCR). Therefore, households in Delhi-NCR having e-waste may contact them for pick-up.

011-22572736, 099684 13109


Karma Recycling Pvt Ltd

Access their portal, indicate the items that you want to sell and receive a quote from them. Free pick-up is arranged and after inspection the agreed amount is paid instantly.

011-4263 4263



They buy used paper at Rs 11/kg for recycling. Can be used office paper, old newspapers & magazines, used school/college notebooks, drawing sheets, old books, corrugated cartons & all other types of waste paper.

Ajay Sharma

011-4900 9966


Help Us Green

Every year lakhs of tons of flowers offered in temples in Varanasi and other other cities adjoining Ganga, are dumped in the river polluting the water with toxic metals like arsenic, lead and cadmium. This organisation collects the flowes from amjor temples and process the same into 'Mitti' (a natural vermicompost) and 'Yagya' (incense sticks).

Ankit Agarwal

070811 61616



Flowers dropped into rivers during religious rituals are polluting rivers. This organisation collects the flowers from rivers and riverbanks to recycle the waste into bio-fertilisers, incense and bathing soaps.

0512-222 1616


Eco Recycling Ltd. (Ecoreco)

They procure e-waste from households as well as businesses. In association with BMC have set up e-waste collection bins at Mithibai College (Vile Parle), Mulund College of Commerce (Mulund West), Royal College (Mira Road), Sumer Trinity Towers (Prabhadevi) and Navi Mumbai Kali Mandir (Vashi).

022-4005 2951, 52, 53


Clean Air Island

Has successfully organised vermiculture in over 20 locations all across Mumbai, where 250 Tons per day of bio-degradable waste is processed. In vermiculture, deep-burrowing earthworms break down organic matter in wet waste and turn it into compost.

Sadguru – Ground Floor, 16 French Bridge Road, Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007




They collect discarded plastic and glass bottles and recycle the same to make seats, benches, lampshades, living lights, and lots of quirky yet purposeful items. Their 'DIRT Store' located at Rebello Road, Bandra (W) has these items as well as compost bins for sale.

Christopher Pereira & Natasha D'Costa

098337 50145

Facebook Page


E-Waste Mukt Bharat : Swachh Bharat

This is a drive by Ecoreco for safe disposal of e-waste by Mumbaikars, who can hand over electronic waste at one of the dozens of collection centres that have been set up or can drop the same in hundreds of collection bins that have been placed outside religious and educational institutions.



Individuals, families, housing societies, corporate houses and shopping malls based in Mumbai can contact GreenCiti for getting their waste picked up on a regular basis. Paper waste, metal waste, plastic waste and electronic waste are all acceptable. Payment is the same as that of local kabadiwalas. The porters who come to collect the waste have been vetted through background checks.

080974 79747, 095949 49333



They collect from your doorstep all kinds of dry waste like paper, plastic, glass, metals, e-waste, furniture, shampoo bottles, oil bottles, toothpaste tubes, sachets etc. Payment is as per the rates mentioned on the website.

Goldinbin Waste Management Services Private Limited, Floor-2, 629 A, Gazdar House, J S S Marg,, Dhobi Talao, Mumbai 400002

072087 01724



This service is for households in Bandra, Khar and Santacruz as well as for corporates throughout Mumbai. If you have waste in the form of paper, plastic, metal & glass to be disposed off, inform RaddiConnect by phone or through their website. The goods will be collected from your end and the amount realised will be donated by them to the NGO of your choice.

A-709 , Mainframe IT Park, Royal Palms, Goregaon East, Mumbai

090042 40004


RUR: Are you Reducing, Reusing, Recycling.

Campaigns and workshops are conducted at schools, housing societies, organisations on waste management solutions such as composting biodegradable waste and safe disposal of non-degradable waste. Have set up Smart Recycling Bins at retail outlets for people to drop used tetrapacks which are then recycled.

Monisha Narke

022-6654 0957

Facebook Page


Usedless Paper

Exchange raddi, plastic, milk pouches, all dry waste at Rs 50 per kg.

505, Akruti Arcade, J.P Road, Opp. Wadia High School, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400069

Nikunj Jaisalmeria

088799 89227



Enroll on the website. WastePlus will pick up DRY waste from your home. For every 2 Kgs of dry waste, you earn 1 point, which is credited to your loyalty card. These points can be redeemed for rewards listed on their website. Loyalty card fee is Rs 20 per month.

Shahbaz Shamsi

093238 97969

Mumbai (Thane)

The Free Store

They encourage freecycling and you may give them items which are not needed by you and in turn these items are handed over to persons who need the same. Please interact with the organisation by email or through Facebook page after which the actual exchange would take place at pop-up's that are arranged at Thane malls.

Kiran Dave

Facebook Page

Mumbai      Pune

Rudra Environmental Solution (India) Ltd.

The company supplies to residents a bag in which all plastic waste generated at home is to be dropped. The waste can be milk bags, detergent bags, Bisleri bottles, plastic containers, grain & atta bags, food pouches and wrappers etc. The waste is collected from doorstep weekly or fortnightly or monthly, as desired by the resident. The plastic waste is converted into poly-fuel by Gasolysis process.

B-1 Minar Aprt, 124/1 Erandwane, Law College Rd, Pune 411004.

020-2544 8900



Sell your used mobile. On the site, click on the mobile brand and model that you own. The best price for the used phone will be displayed instantly. Thereafter, contact the portal and they will arrange to pick up the phone form your home. On inspection at their end, payment will be made to you.




Sell your old (working or otherwise) laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile, LCD/LED TV, gaming console and air-conditioner. Submit the details on the portal and they will email you their best offer. On your acceptance, the item will be collected from your doorstep and cash paid on-the-spot.

0124-659 9989 / 6 / 3

Web Page


Green Raddiwala

This is a free service to buy recyclables from your doorstep. Book the pickup through website or mobile app. On the spot payment is made with bill.

Nikhil Pagare, Saurabh Pasalkar

077740 50009



Sign up and for a monthly fee of Rs 199, MobiTrash will collect your segregated wet organic waste (food waste fruit waste, garden waste etc) daily in their van. The waste will undergo primary processing in the van itself to turn it into raw compost. The raw compost is turned into proper compost at MobiTrash's site.

091582 85796


SWaCH (SWaCH Seva Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit, Pune)

This is a wholly-owned cooperative of self-employed waste pickers. If you live in Pune, enquire whether they collect waste from your area's homes. The waste is segregated, wet waste is handed over to Municipality & dry waste is processed into several categories and recycled

Kothrud Kachara Depot, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune 411038

020-6500 0817, 097659 99500


Dariya Dil Dukaan

In the spirit of freecycling, residents in Udaipur may hand-over stuff that they wish can be used by someone alse.

Vidhi & Manish Jain

098297 24189, 097840 18488

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