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Fighting Noise Pollution

Noise levels are ever-increasing in our cities...

The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, which were notified by Govt of India have set following maximum noise levels: (a) Residential area: 55 db during day and 45 db during night. (b) Commercial area: 65 db during day and 55 db during night. (c) Industrial area: 75 db during day and 70 db during night (d) Silence zone: 50 db during day and 40 db during night. Day refers to time between 6 am to 10 pm and night refers to rest of the time. Silence zone is defined as the zone within a radius of 100 metres from hospitals, schools and courts.

Unfortunately, despite the above regulations having come into force in the year 2000, our cities continue to be noisy, with noise levels way above the maximum levels mandated. Major contributors to noise are festivals, processions, fireworks, crackers, traffic, honking, political rallies, marriages, celebrations, construction activity etc. It is believed that India is one of the noisiest places in the world.

Fight noise pollution in your city…

It is important to fight noise pollution not just for the nuisance caused, but also to avoid grave emotional and health hazards like high blood pressure, stress, insomnia, annoyance, aggression, distress and deafness. Even animals and pets are greatly distressed by loud noise caused by bursting crackers during Diwali and other celebrations.

It is the duty of each of us to fight the menace of noise pollution. To begin with, we ourselves should refrain from being noisy and also persuade people to tone down. When specific instances occur, we must not hesitate to get in touch immediately with Police as well as the Pollution Control Board who have the mandate to enforce the law. Organisations too are striving hard to educate the general public about the ill-effects of noise pollution and the precautions that need to be taken to curb this menace.

Soundproof your home or office...

Through soundproofing, it is possible to reduce decibel level inside homes and offices, caused by external noise. This involves one or more of the following options: (a) Replacing regular windows by soundproof windows which have 'sandwich' glass of thickness of 19mm (b) Replacing main door with a thick soundproof door (c) Stuffing the walls or ceilings with rubber, glasswool or other acoustic materials.

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Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB)

KSPCB is the agency responsible to control noise pollution in Bangalore. Contact them with your complaints.

Parisara Bhavan, #49, 4th & 5th Floor, Church Street, Bangalore 560001

080-2558 1383, 2558 9112, 2558 9113, 2558 6520

Delhi      Mumbai      Trivandrum

Horn Flu campaign

Awaaz Foundation and Indian Medical Association (IMA) have launched a countrywide campaign to tackle a health nuisance: honking. Called the Horn Flu campaign, it will aim to create awareness among people on the ill-effects of blowing their vehicle's horn.

Tweet with hashtag #HornFlu


Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC)

Complaints on noise pollution in the NCT of Delhi may be given on phone or by post to Environment Engineer at their Control Room.

4th Floor, ISBT Building, Kashmere Gate, Delhi 110 006

011-2386 5117 Ext.105



National Initiative for Safe Sound (NISS)

This is a Kerala-based initiative which creates awareness about noise pollution through campaigns, booklets, seminars, social media and TV. Residents in Kerala can lodge noise pollution complaints by calling up the toll free number below.

IMA Building, Red Cross Road, General Hospital Junction, Trivandrum 695035

0471-606 2606 (Toll free no), 246 3514


Awaaz Foundation

Founded by anti-noise pollution activist Sumaira Abdulali. Their website provides information on various initiatives on controlling noise and other forms of pollution in Mumbai and adjoining areas.

Web Page


Complain to Mumbai Police on noise pollution

1. Send SMS to Mumbai Police on 77381 33133 or 77381 44144 and mention exact location of noise, cause, group causing the noise (if known) etc
2. Contact on Mumbai Police's noise pollution helpline 022-2263 3333


Noise Readings in Mumbai

Real-time noise readings recorded by Mumbai Pollution Control Board (MPCB) from various locations in Mumbai, can now be accessed from MPCB's web page whose link can be found below.


Measure Noise Levels on your Phone

Download the following free apps on your smartphone. Measure the noise levels and then photograph this measurement. Using this proof, make a complaint to local police or to pollution control board or to local anti-noise activists. The apps are 'Sound Meter' for Android (from Google play) and 'Decibel 10th' for iPhone (from Apple Store).

Link to download app on Android phone

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