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Grow Veggies Herbs at Home

Enjoy fresh, tasty and organic vegetables grown in your own balcony or terrace garden... 

A wonderful vegetable garden on your kitchen balcony or terrace not only provides your family with fresh vegetables and herbs but also offers sheer fulfillment. At the end of the day what can be more satisfying than sitting amidst the veggies and herbs which look as fabulous as they taste.

A terrace or kitchen garden is your own contribution to ecology movement. While space is not a constraint on terraces, even 6 sq ft of area is sufficient to set up a kitchen or balcony garden.

Setting up a kitchen garden need not be a tiresome affair, because there are professionally managed organizations which study the space available, offer the ideal gardening solution and thereafter set up the garden. The other alternative is to attend workshops to gain knowledge on vegetables, soil, nutrients, manure, drainage and then implement the garden on your own.

How do you go about in setting up your own kitchen garden?

First of all, you need to decide on pots or planters. Pots should be of flat bottom with holes for drainage. Alternately, planters can be used which are flat bed boxes about 6 inches in height and hold soil. Planters have wooden frame and soil is held by plastic sheet. Planters can be placed on a metal frame if height is to be increased. If space is smaller, buy 3 or 4 pots in which saplings have already been planted.

Soil ideally should be loamy, sandy and nutrient-rich that drains soon. Reputed nurseries supply seeds, soil and other requisites. The best organic manure is compost made from household waste. Neem being a natural pesticide, mix 4-5 drops of neem oil in a litre of water and spray the solution on the plants once a week. Remove weeds regularly.

If the vegetable garden space receives maximum daylight, then make sure that plants are sheltered from the excess sun during the day and are watered regularly. Also extent of sunlight on the balcony determines the type of vegetables to be grown.

While mint, coriander and spinach grow well in shade, tomatoes and capsicums require lot of sunlight. Drip irrigation techniques can be employed on a larger terrace garden. Herbs are easy to grow and only require watering, whereas vegetables and tomatoes need dedicated effort.

Resources listed below serve the respective cities only and include both businesses and non-profits. The former set up the garden for you and/or supply the garden requisites, whereas the latter provide guidance and conduct workshops.

Grow these plants in your balcony & remain mosquito-free...

The scent of lavender, basil or marigold flower repel mosquitoes. By growing these plants in your kitchen or balcony garden, you can get rid of mosquitoes in your home, the natural way!

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Nalini Murthy, an expert in natural and urban farming, conducts regular workshops on natural farming and terrace kitchen garden practices.

097417 27014

Web Page


Geekgardener Greentech

Conducts training workshops on kitchen and terrace gardening at Dept of Horticulture, BioCentre, Hulimavu. Bangalore. He also has expertise in hydroponics i.e. growing plants in water, without soil.

Manikandan (Mani)



Show them the balcony space earmarked by you and they’ll set up herb or vegetable garden on a turnkey basis. You can even choose from their concept gardens.

130, 5th Main (off Nandidurg Road), Jayamahal Ext, Bangalore 560046

080411 13421


All India Kitchen Garden Association (AIKGA)

AIKGA members are given a basic training course on gardening and on starting a home garden. They meet once a month where they invite experts to talk on various gardening issues.

C-40, Gulmohar Park, Opp Asias Village Sports Complex, Gulmohar Park, Gautam Nagar, Delhi 110049

011-2685 3422, 2653 2495



GreenBeans enables fruits and vegetables to be grown in your home hydroponically by providing customized solutions such as fast growth through LED light, an automated plant watering system using sensors etc. By growing fruits and vegetables hydroponically, you overcome the need for ground, pots, soil, pesticide/insecticide etc.

Akash Gupta: 099992 11023, Deepak Aggarwal: 096435 36030


The Urban Gardener

Sunita Mohan has a terrace garden and provides consultancy on setting up your own terrace or balcony garden. Also sells seeds for rare plants and trees like passion fruit, red ginger etc.


Bombay HUB

Adrienne Thadani has set up a vegetable and herb garden on the terrace of the address below. She conducts home gardening workshops regularly.

UnLtd India, 4th Floor, Candelar Building, 26 St. John Baptist Road, Near Mount Mary Steps, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050.

022-3222 0475


Urban Leaves India

A group of amateur organic farming enthusiasts holds workshops every Sunday to teach how to prepare organically rich soil and carry out urban farming on terraces. Location for workshops: Don Bosco, Matunga and Bhavan's campus, Andheri (W). Register on the website. You can also volunteer at their community farms in Mumbai city for hand-on learning on gardening.

Preeti Patil



Turn an unused corner of your home into a mini-food farm. The system has a small vertical frame with 4 trays one above the other with space between each. There is a built-in self-watering system. All you need to do is to buy soil as well as seeds and then watch the vegetables and herbs grow.

Arun Raj

099201 31352



They supply compost bins to buildings and housing societies, for converting household wet waste into compost (fresh manure). Residents are also taught how to segregate waste and the composting process. The compost can be used for a vegetable garden that the residents can set up on the building plot or on the rooftop terrace.

Natasha D'Costa

098337 50145



Conduct workshops on organic kitchen gardening, home composting, terrarium making, indoor and outdoor gardening. Also run an online kitchen gardening store selling pots and planters, seeds, potting mix etc.

098332 51324



iKheti offers you requisites for your balcony garden: Seeds, Saplings & Plants, Gardening Equipments, Pots & Containers, Soil & Organic Manure, Garden Accessories.

Ms. Priyanka Amar

098196 73357


Let's Hug The Nature

They help out in setting up organic terrace & kitchen gardens, designer balcony gardens, green walls/vertical gardens etc.

Krishna Kumar

098330 74703, 086065 69820


Nips N Buds

They supply pots, organic growth medium as well as flowering plants, kitchen plants, exotic plants, air purifier plants etc.

099675 86044


SPROUTS (Society for Promotion of Research, Outdoors, Urbanity, Training and Social Welfare)

They have helped set up an urban farm at Catherine's Home, an orphanage located in Andheri. Vegetables grown include tomatoes, lady finger, sweet potatoes, spinach, mint, coriander, chillies etc.

Anand Pendharkar

022-2836 8647, 098201 40254


Start Upcycling Now (SUN)

They help you to set up an urban farm for you on your terrace, balcony, wall or garden, which will be complete with an automatic or manual irrigation system. Also offered is consultancy for composting, urban gardening and upcycling

Natasha D'costa

098339 49145


The Bloomerie

You can start-off on your kitchen garden by ordering their seasonal DIY kit which includes the meticulously chosen seeds, soil tablets and a simple to follow manual on how to grow the seeds. You can choose to grow herbs like basil, oregano, thyme or rosemary. To order, send an email to them.

Facebook Page


Under the Tree

Their activities include conducting organic gardening workshops as well as provided gardening design and consultancy.

Union Park, Pali Hill Road, Khar, Mumbai 400052

Anusha Babbar


Vriksha Nursery

A nursery supplying seedlings of vegetable plants and herbs.

1, Ganga Apartments, Irla Railway Society, Vileparle West, Mumbai 400056

Shaan Lalwani

098207 04069

Facebook Book



For your kitchen or balcony garden, buy from their e-store seeds, planter box, organic growth boosters etc.

084496 09587

Online & Offline (3 Stores in Delhi-NCR & 1 Store in Bangalore)

Nurturing Green

Buy herb and vegetable seeds, pots and planters, accessories from their online store or from their offline stores.

Annu Grover

088269 93218

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