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Plant or Donate Tree Saplings

If this planet is to be saved, more trees have to be planted…

Trees are friends of environment because trees protect and heal the environment in numerous ways. Trees are also friends of mankind since they purify air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in return.

Tree roots prevent soil erosion by ensuring that valuable top soil is not washed away during monsoon. Fruit bearing trees are vitally important for some rural economies e.g. Mango orchards of Ratnagiri and Apple orchards of Himachal Pradesh.

Vagaries of summer are not felt as intensely in buildings whose compounds are shaded by trees.  Aesthetically too trees give a pleasant feeling of well-being and contentment.

Plant a tree sapling, gift a tree or adopt a tree!

Organisations and groups in India’s metros conduct periodic drives during which they distribute tree saplings free of cost or at a nominal cost per sapling. Their only expectation is that the saplings would be planted, watered and looked after by you for at least 2 years after which the saplings grow on their own. Ideally saplings should be planted prior to monsoon since they do not need much care during monsoon.

Other organizations offer schemes to gift a tree, wherein for a nominal sum per tree, the donor can gift a tree on behalf of a relative or a deceased person. The organizations plant saplings on public or community lands and nurture the plants until they grow into trees. WWF’s ‘Adopt a Tree’ campaign involves planting of saplings supplied by WWF and taking care of them.

International Day of Forests is celebrated on March 21 every year. Resources section below lists out various organizations that are active in planting tree saplings.

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All India

My Earth My Duty

This is multi-city campaign sponsored by Zee Group. Starting from the eve of Independence Day every year, a week long tree saplings plantation activity is carried out. So far 1.4 crore trees have been planted in over 1.5 lakh villages. Join this campaign as a volunteer or contributor!

Jay Prakash

0120-251 1064, 251 1073



Afforestt takes up projects to plant trees in urban settings. They employ the unique Miyawaki technique to plant 30 times more trees than conventional methods on the same unit area. Have planted over 65,000 trees in various projects.

Shubhendu Sharma

092424 95757, 098867 37050


Trees for Free

Their tree planting involves citizens and communities. Identifying sites for planting, watering and protecting the saplings is ensured through participation of local communities. Donations are requested to plant trees.

Rajanet Yegneswaran Charitable Trust, No 11, 20 L Cross, Sri Rama Temple Road, Ejipura, Viveknagar Post, Bangalore 560047

Janet Yegneswaran

098454 49703

Bangalore Delhi-NCR Hyderabad


SayTrees is a professionally run organisation with thousands of volunteers made up of children, professionals, housewives and retired persons. They conduct scores of tree plantation drives in the above 3 cities. Equal emphasis is laid on maintenance of saplings planted in the previous years.

C 503, MidwayCity, Basapura Road, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560100

090086 59007, 088673 91150, 097421 60718


Chennai Social Service

Send SMS to 098940 62532 or 099626 73668.

Rajani’s Gothanda Graha, Ground Floor, Old No: 55, New No: 83, 10th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600083.

087540 45124, 087540 45122, 098400 19007.


Tree Bank of India

Offers free saplings to anyone who is interested in planting trees.

Mullaivannam, No 13, Perumal Koil Street, Virugambakkam, Chennai 600092

097898 92080, 093821 84310, 097908 08889

Chennai Coimbatore Mumbai

Growell Biosystems Pvt Ltd

They sell saplings as well as grown-up date and coconut trees which can be replanted on your land. Date trees help in landscaping, whereas coconut trees yield income.

097900 08103, 094432 08101


WWF India - Plant a Tree Campaign

Delhi-NCR residents who are interested in the campaign may collect the saplings from WWF India's office.

Lodhi Rd, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110003

011-4150 4815



Through the "Delhi Goes Green with GreenBeans" campaign they want to plant thousands of trees in Delhi-NCR. A contribution of Rs 150 per sapling is requested towards sapling procurement, transport, maintenance, biomass and manure.

Akash Gupta: 099992 11023, Deepak Aggarwal: 096435 36030


Times of India's Green Drive

Join the tree planting drive in which one lakh trees will be planted on August 30, 2015 7 pm onwards at Tilpath Valley, Block M, Devli, Sainik Farm, Near IGNOU, Delhi.

Facebook Page


I Love Mumbai (C/o Giants International)

To reduce environmental pollution and to make Mumbai green and beautiful, tree saplings will be distributed free from 27 centres.

Hariram Chaudhary, Media Co-ordinator

093220 90137


Clean Air Island

Have planted approximately 2,00,000 plants in public and private areas.

Sadguru – Ground Floor, 16 French Bridge Road, Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007


Web Page


Green Umbrella Organisation

They rescue indigenous tree saplings like banyan and pipal, growing on concrete buildings, roads, public places and re-plant the saplings in public places. They also distribute saplings to environment friendly common people who want to grow trees under their personal supervision in their respective localities.

A-12, Parijat Co-Op Hsc Soc., Gunsagar Nagar, Station Road, Kalwa (West), Thane 400605

Vikram Yende

098339 88166



Donate yourself or gift on behalf of someone so that trees can be planted at their tree planting projects in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Orissa, A.P.

G3, Scheherazade, Justice Vyas Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400005

022-2288 1301, 2284 2897


Kutch Agro

Every year on June 5 (World Environment Day) they donate 1 lakh saplings to interested individuals as well as to NGOs, schools, colleges, charitable trusts etc. The saplings are from his nursery in Karjat are of species Australian Mangium, Rain Tree, Karanj, Kashid, Suru, Jackfruit and Amla.

Dilip Shah

022-3271 9001

Web Page


Plant a Tree - Plant a New Life by Green Yatra

Gift and adopt trees at Rs 100 per tree. Trees are planted within and outside Mumbai in campuses, housing societies, playground and gardens, corporate parks, industrial areas, open barren lands etc.

Row House G-12, Mahavir Nagar, Idle Park, Near Orange Hospital, Mira Road (East) 401107

022-6588 6649, 099675 38049


Save Aarey Community

Join this community's endeavour to plant 10,000 trees in Mumbai green lung Aarey Milk Colony. Volunteer to plant 5 to 10 ft trees in the Colony's identified locations. You can even gift a tree to your loved one as a birthday or anniversary gift.

09820074421, 098202 58186


The Turning Tide

Volunteers of The Turning Tide plant tree saplings in Bandra, Kurla and Santacruz. They collect recyclables which are sold and funds generated are used to collect saplings. You may support them by giving us your old, recyclable stuff to them and if possible a space in your compound so that one or more tree saplings can be planted.

George Remedios: 098204 31690, Calvin Andrade: 098200 95438

Facebook Page


Wish A Tree

They undertake regular plantation drives in Karjat, Dist Thane. If you gift an amount of Rs 200 per sapling they will plant a single sapling and if you pay for multiple saplings, they will plant a grove. Each donor receives a 'Green Certificate' commemorating your contribution for a greener planet.

66, Commercial Chambers, Y.M.Rd, Mumbai 400003

Falguni Shah

098196 03210

Mumbai (Mulund Thane Dombivali)      Pune


NGO engaged in tree plantation and nature conservation. Have planted saplings at various locations like Bhavale on Nashik highway, Munda Hill near Ghodbunder Road etc.

098208 32240, 097692 55754, 093238 91070, 093222 72777.

Mumbai      Bangalore      Chennai      Pune

The Sapling Project

They collect funds and buy saplings, which are then distributed to anyone who signs up on their FB page or turns up at their events. Saplings will be of Neem, Asoka, Mango and Jambul since these are best suited for Mumbai climate and grow on their own after 2 years.

Mumbai: Ranjeet 093221 31514, Satish 098334 43545
Pune: Pradaxina 098810 93149

Facebook Page



Register & choose the place where you want to plant a tree. After you click, the organisation plants the tree and through GPS technology, you can stay connected to your tree or trees.

084496 09587

Web Page


Selfie on World Environment Day

On World Environment Day 2016, Ministry of Environment invites you to plant a tree sapling and then send a photo or selfie of yourself with the planted sapling to the website below.


Integrated Development Society (IDS)

This organisation is working to create forest clusters in the 18 villages of Bhiwandi taluka of Thane District. 8000 Wild and fruit tree saplings were planted in the year 2014-2015 and similar activity will be carried forward every year. Individuals, corporates and organisations are urged to donate tree saplings.

D.S.Patil Chawl, Room 13 A, Behind Zilla Parishad School, Village Zedka, Tal. Bhiwandi, Dist.Thane

Prashant Agale

090298 50075

Various Cities & Towns of Tamil Nadu

Project GreenHands

This is an environmental initiative of Isha Foundation aiming at greening of Tamil Nadu. With the efforts of their 15 lakh volunteers, about 2 crores tree saplings have been planted in Tamil Nadu from their inception in 2004 till date.

c/o Isha Outreach, 23/7U Raja Nagar, 2nd Street, Sowripalayam, Coimbatore 641 028

0422-258 0155

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