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Used Goods Marketplaces

Using second-hand goods is eco-friendly…

When a second-hand product is re-used, the need to manufacture a new product is reduced to that extent. Less wasteful manufacturing means lesser usage of resources and therefore, lesser carbon emissions.

Secondly, a used electronic item when thrown away would end up in a landfill and contaminate soil and groundwater with toxic chemicals and heavy metals if the e-waste is not processed scientifically.

The biggest trigger for selling existing products is upgradation to newer models with latest features. On the other hand, buyers are aspirational persons who want feature-rich devices but can only afford used products which may be priced 30% to 50% lower than new goods.

Buy and sell used items on online marketplaces…

Online portals provide an opportunity to customers to buy and sell in a trusted and convenient way.  The most common method is for sellers to post ads to which the buyers respond and the transaction takes between the two parties without any involvement of the marketplace. Similarly, buyers too can post ads seeking sellers offering the product or service. Payment too is directly made by the buyer to the seller and a commission is thereafter payable to the portal.

The other option is the ‘Door-to-Door’ option, wherein the portal steps in to collect the product from the seller, packs it and then delivers it to the buyer at his or her doorstep. The marketplace collects the payment against delivery and transfers it instantly to the seller, after deducting the portal’s charges towards commission and logistics.

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1. Quikr

Cameras, digicams, inverters, iPods, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, music systems, home theatre, TV, video games, cars, bikes, bags, books etc.


2. OLX

Mobiles, electronics & appliances, cars, bikes, furniture, fashion, kids' items, books, sports goods, hobbies etc.


3. Junglee by Amazon

Mobile phones, laptop & tablets, books, music, movies & TV shows, watches etc.

1800-3000-9022, 022-3043 0111

Web Page

4. Certified Preowned Goods on Togofogo

Mobiles, tablets, laptops and accessories.


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