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Feeding Food to Poor n Needy

Poverty and hunger go hand in hand…

Around the globe ‘World Hunger Day’ is marked on May 28 but the stark reality is that for one-fourth of Indians, numbering into millions, every day is a hunger day with no means for adequate food or nutrition. Hunger leads to malnutrition which in turn leaves people susceptible to diseases. The situation is particularly poignant in respect of children considering the fact that half of all kids younger than three years old in India weigh too little for their age.

Poverty being the root cause of hunger, eradication of poverty is and should be the medium-term and long-term goal. However, in the interim the short-term goal should be to harness the resources of well-to-do Indians and feed the multitudes so that no adult or child goes to bed hungry. The corporate sector, as a part of their CSR initiatives, is doing its bit but much more needs to be done by them as well as by NGOs and individuals.

In order to serve as an inspiration, we present below in Resources section work being done in various parts of India by organizations and individuals to feed the poor, needy, homeless, the underprivileged and the marginalized.

You too can help in this noble endeavour…

Many of us are pricked by the contrast between our own easy spending and the widespread deprivation around us, but have no idea how to help. You can move from quiet guilt to effective action by helping to combat hunger among the underprivileged and marginalized. Either on your own or by forming a team of like-minded people you can arrange to cook simple meals and distribute them to the needy in your city. You can replicate similar work being done as described in Resources below. For guidance, you can even talk to the do-gooders whose phone numbers are listed.

If a group is already active in your city, you can spare some time for the cause and join them as a volunteer. If that is not possible you can consider donating them needed foodstuffs. Last but not the least, every person likes a pat on his back and you should applaud the Good Samaritans for their selfless work.

Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Delhi-NCR Hyderabad Jaipur Kolkata Mumbai

India Food Banking Network (IFBN)

individuals and companies can donate grains and packaged food (biscuits, snacks). These are distributed through a network of community based organizations or NGOs that run feeding programs at schools for underprivileged children, homeless shelters, old age homes, orphanages, charitable hospitals etc.

Bangalore: 95380 35252, Delhi: sms to 58888, Kokata: 93310 17111

Ahmedabad Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad Mumbai Nagpur New Delhi

Seva Kitchen

In the above cities, Seva Kitchen has identified hospital and other locations where meals are wanted by needy people. You can cook food on your own or with others and serve the cooked food at these locations. Alternately, you can hand over fruits, vegetables, grains etc to their volunteers who will then distribute the same among the needy.

Khushroo Poacha

095610 11264

Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Roti Bank by Haroon Mukati Islamic Centre (HMIC)

Anyone who wishes to join Roti Bank is allotted a code number. Each member is requested to 'deposit' at the Roti Bank freshly cooked two rotis and a plate of veg or non-veg food that they prepare for family at home daily. The poor, aged, sick or the unemployed people can come to the Roti Bank and 'withdraw' rotis and a veg or a non-veg dish. In this manner over 500 needy people receive their daily meal.

Jinsi Baijipura Road, Aurangabad 431001

Yusuf Mukati

Bangalore Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Kolkata Mumbai Pune

No Hungry Child

Started in a small way in Bangalore in 2000 and now is being carried forward in other cities by NGOs. Today hot, nutritious and fresh meals are served daily to 20,000 poor, needy & hungry children across pockets of poverty in these cities.

766, 47th Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560082

080-4096 6191, 085530 15850

Bangalore Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai

Stop Hunger Now

You or your company or your community can host a Meal Packaging event. At these events, dehydrated, high protein, and highly-nutritious meals are packaged. Alternatively you can volunteer to help out at another planned event. The packaged meals are given to school feeding programs, orphanages, nurseries and medical clinics.

302, 3rd Cross, 9th Main Road, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar 1st Block, Bengaluru 560043

080-2542 6948; 91084 03329; 97405 26558

Bangalore Chennai Delhi-NCR Pune

Let's Spread Love

Registered individual donors freshly prepare vegetarian food, which then is collected and distributed by volunteers. Distribution is in slum areas of Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Delhi and Gurgaon.

Selina Elias

Bangalore: 96551 35151, Chennai: 98848 32784, Delhi: 99996 77331
Pune: 97186 43555

Web Page


Chennai Food Bank by RYA Madras Metro Trust

Their 'Mutti Bhar Anaj Yojana' involves depositing a handful of rice daily in a separate container. Once the container is full it will be collected by the RYA. People can donate a bag of rice by joining the ‘Anna Dan Yojana'. They serve about 80 institutions in Chennai consisting of orphanages, old age homes and education institutions.

12 Saravana Street, T. Nagar. Chennai 600017.

044-2431 2096 / 4212 8153.


Food Bank - Chennai

Wish to provide simple, home-cooked food to poor and homeless in Chennai? You can do that once a week or as often as you can. Cook a simple meal, pack it neatly and hand it over to the Food Bank's locality champion in your area. There are 14 locality groups on Chennai and you may join the one located nearest to you.

Anandh SG 98414 39446, Ajay Kumar 97860 11166 / 90036 61122, Shabarish 99445 52929


HoPE on Wheels

Hot, nutritious meal (egg biryani) is delivered once a week to slums of Chennai as well as to homeless on streets. .

097909 98120


AWB Food Bank

They collect good quality surplus food from five star hotels and caterers in New Delhi and feed nutritious meals to the hungry, malnourished and physically challenged children at various schools and shelter homes in New Delhi. Food is also provided to poor throat-cancer patients who come to Delhi for voice training.

12/5 Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi 110016


Delhi NCR Foodbank (Delhi Foodbanking Network)

You can donate to them all non-perishable dry food and non food products. With the support of companies and individuals, Delhi NCR Foodbank serves nutritional meals across 30 feeding centers to vulnerable segments of society. They also seek volunteers to help them deliver food to their feeding centres.

Plot No 2118, Near Rapid Metro Station, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon 122002
D82/A, Nangal Devat Village, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070

011-6599 2692, 98100 07524


Uday Foundation

Serve free wholesome food to twice a week to underprivileged patients and their families outside AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospitals. They also feed children who come from a far-off places to Delhi hospitals for often longer treatments.

113A/1, Adchini, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110017

011-2656 1333 / 1444


V.Venkatraman's AMV Homely Mess

Lunch is served here for poor and needy for a token payment of one rupee. In fact, Mr Venkatraman visits the nearby Government Hospital every day to locate the poor and needy who are then handed over a one-rupee token.

Near Government Hospital, Erode, Tamil Nadu

096290 94020.


'Roti Ghar' by Mahaveer Youth Federation

This canteen has been serving each day lunch for over 200 needy persons at a nominal amount of Rupee 1 from the past 6 years.The food comprises of two chapatis, rice, vegetable curry. Sweets are served once a week.

Kanchgar Galli, Hubballi, Karnataka

Mukesh Hinger: 94483 63431

Facebook Page


Azhar Maqsusi

Rice, dal and kadhi are served during the afternoon, except during Ramzan when the food is served at Iftar time. Food is served at noon at 2 locations: (a) Under Dabeerpura flyover, Chanchalguda (b) Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad.

099499 55386

Facebook Page


Serve Needy

Their innovative programme 'Fist of Rice' involves their team members going from house-to-house in the neighbourhoods of Hyderabad and asking for a fist of rice from each home. Actually they receive much more rice than a fistful and this rice is cooked and served to feed the poor, hungry and needy people on streets and slums.

Plot No 14, House No 3-48-123, Jupiter Colony, Near Vasavi Nagar Community Hall, Karkhana, Secunderabad 500015.


095503 35994, 040-2774 0994

Web Page


Youngistaan Foundation's 'The Feeding Project'

Every Sunday, volunteers come together to cook food for close to 800 people. The food packets are delivered in the streets of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

090001 55660


Manaspoorthi Voluntary organization

Every day they provide dinner/one meal for 40-50 downtrodden people at near town flyover at Kakinada.

#3-10/3, Ramakrishna Nagar, Vakalapudi, Kakinada

Shyam Jagadeesh

96666 92113

Facebook Page


MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation

They aim to find self-sustaining solutions for the acute problems of hunger and poverty. Are operating feeding camps for hungry and homeless people in the underprivileged areas of Karnataka such as Mandya, Dasanapura and Hesarghatta.

033-2461 5466 / 5628, 098300 76595, 098310 15927


Community Kitchen run by Samarpan Foundation

This Community Kitchen provides a warm, nutritious lunch for 120 migrant deprived children daily. In addition, living essentials such as blankets and mosquito nets are distributed.

Char Basti, Beside the Railway Line, Near Park Circus Railway Crossing, Rifle Range Road, Ballygunge Park, Ballygunge, Kolkata

098100 12062

Kurnool (AP)

Seruds India

They provide nutritious midday meals to 30 destitute elderly from slums in Budhavarapeta, Kurnool every day. Most are homeless or live in huts but do have means to cook. A donation of only Rs. 1750 will provide nutritious and hot meal to 30 Elders. You may choose to sponsor mid-day meals for one month or donate any amount you desire. You can also donate clothes, blankets, toiletries, sweaters, rice, dal, vegetables etc.

D.No.46-740, Budhavarapeta, Kurnool 518002, AP

098499 77577, 08518-255 626


Corrine Rasquinha's White Doves

50 Food packets are distributed every evening at 7.30 pm day to the lame, sick and hungry. Distribution is to the persons who assemble near their van parked in the vicinity of Mangalore railway station.

0824-221 8393


Asha Kiran Charitable Trust

More than 150 underprivileged men, women and children are fed breakfast every morning, 365 days of the year since 1997, outside Glory Shop located on the main road of Four Bungalows area of Andheri West.

Glory Family Shop, 1/2 Nandkripa Shopping Centre, Near UCO Bank, 4 Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053

Janakbhai Raja: 098200 29926, Mahesh Hingorani: 099209 00601


Breakthrough Foundation

On most Sundays, they serve food for about 50 persons. The meal is sponsored by any well-wisher. You too can sponsor the meal by submitting a post on their Facebook page.

Ketan Sangoi

98214 39583

Facebook Page


Food Army

This is a group of women who send home-cooked food to any place affected by natural calamity. They sent 700 kg and 550 kg 'Theplas' to quake-hit Nepal and flood-affected Chennai respectively. In addition they would like to send meals to persons in Mumbai who are poor, sick and old.

Rintu Rathod, Vinita Hurkat, Shefali Thaker

086919 58484

Facebook Page


Mark D’Souza

He delivers food every day at noon to the homes of elderly who are infirm or ill or disabled in IC Colony, Borivali (W). The food packed in dabbas is sufficient for 3 meals and consists of chapatis, dal, rice and vegetable. He also helps the seniors to fill-out forms, complete bank work and drives them to doctors' appointments,

Crrystal Care Service, K 3, Vershi Villa, Opposite IC Bakery, Near IC Post Office, IC Colony, Borivali West, Mumbai

098338 53523


Raj Roti Centre

Any old or needy person can get a food packet consisting of 6 chappatis, vegetable and one banana for a cost of Rs 5 between 11 am to 1 pm daily. In order to ensure that only genuinely needy benefit, xerox copies of Aadhaar card, ration card and electricity bills would have to be shown.

575, Niranjan Parekh Marg, Edenwala Cross Road, Matunga, Mumbai 400019. (Landmark: Food Arcade)

Dr Meena Goshar: 098193 17038


Samdani Steels

They supply free lunch tiffins to patients admitted to hospitals as well as their relatives who are unable to afford meals. They have tied-up with certain hospitals in Mumbai (Jaslok, Saifee, Nair, JJ Hospital) where this service is provided.

o99672 36006, 098206 45070, 090293 73751


Shri Nimesh Tanna Charitable Trust

Provide 100 tiffins of healthy and delicious food elderly people at their doorstep. Delivery is through dabbawalas.

B/2, Kothari Estate, Ratanshi Damji Plot, Gulshan Gully, Near Sharon School, Mulund (W), Mumbai 400080

090041 35858, 099872 52905


Sunday Friends

The group feeds wholesome food every Sunday to about 300 needy persons at Chunabhatti which is a central suburb on the harbour train line. They also serve food on Sundays to relatives of patients admitted to the civic-run Sion Hospital.

211 / 5, Beas, Sion Main Road, Opp LTMG Sion Hospital, Sion (E), Mumbai 400022.


The Food Army

They have various collection centres in Mumbai. Whenever there is a calamity like flood in any part of India, they collect 'Theplas' (a kind of roti) from donors and send them over to the location. They also seek half-kg packs of Green Moong, Sukha Chana, Sukha Vatana and Aakha Masoor towards nutrition donation to poor villagers in Palghar.

Kalpana, Besant Street, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054

Rintu Rathod

022-2612 9973, 86919 58484


The Giving Monks

Every Sunday food is served to children living on the streets of Andheri (W) and Jogeshwari (W).

Dishant Sheth & Piyush Kamdar

090293 84904, 090294 73300

Facebook Page

Mumbai (Mira-Bhayander)

Dr Uday Modi's Sharavan Tiffin Seva

Tiffins are home-delivered in Mira-Bhayander area to elderly individuals who have no support. Tiffins consist of eight chapattis, sabji, dal and rice with diabetics receiving low-calorie, low-sugar meals.

022-2818 0842

Facebook Page


Roti Bank by “Badavara Bandhu Charitable Trust”

The Trust, started by charity-minded local businessmen, distributes food packets consisting of 3 rotis and a vegetable dish every day between 12 noon to 2 pm to about 400 persons daily. The beneficiaries include daily wage labourers, students, travellers, autorickshaw drivers, beggars and the destitute.

Chandragupta Road, Near Sangam Talkies, Mysore

097421 65566

Anil Kothari

Over 40 Centres Across India

Embracing the World

This is a global network of regional humanitarian organizations inspired by Mata Amritanandamayi. At their centres in India they serve food to a few million poor people every year. In addition, the organisation is engaged in other critical issues like shelter, healthcare, education, livelihood, environmental conservation etc.

Web Page


Amudha Surabhi Educational & Charitable Trust

This Trust provides free food packets to about 450 homeless persons in Salem. They want to extend the activity to peripheral areas of Salem town.

4/1A Semmandapatti Road, Periapatti, Salem 636309

Periyaswamy: 094433 42116, Suresh: 095855 51355, Mohan: 094456 67487


Prabhu ki Rasoi

This initiative of UP Government involves setting up kitchens in all districts of UP to feed poor people for free wiyh one ameal per day consisting of rice, vegetables and dal. The first kitchen will be inaugurated in Saharanpur in August 2017 and this will be followed by setting up kitchens in other districts over a period of time.


Bhookh Mitao

Their focus is on feeding nutritious food to hungry children from poverty-stricken backgrounds. Home-cooked food is collected and distributed by volunteers. Donors also come forward to sponsor meals served on any particular day.

098252 29779

Facebook Page

Various States

The Akshaya Patra Foundation

Akshaya Patra is a non-profit organisation serving mid-day meals 1.6 million school children, with support from Central & State Governments as well as companies. Individuals can help by volunteering or fundraising.

#72, 3rd Floor, 3rd Main Road, 1st & 2nd Stage, Yeshwantpur Industrial Suburb, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru 560022

1800-425-8622, 080-3014 3400