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Parkour and Freerunning

Parkour is the new fitness rage…

Parkour is a French-origin sport which involves running as fast as possible from one point to the other by the shortest distance and in the process overcoming all obstacles on the way. Obstacles could be walls, poles, railings, stairs, benches and windows which are surmounted by going over or under or through or around the obstacles.

Parkour athletes – known as Traceurs – undertake movements like running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, leaping, swinging, back-flips, rolling, crawling, landing from heights etc. Parkour, which is also known as freerunning, does not need any fixed field, instead any urban environment would do, preferably with obstacles of various kinds. Popular venues are parks, buildings under construction, abandoned industrial sites etc.

Being safe at all times is of paramount importance and hence beginners are dissuaded from attempting big jumps. Parkour requires conditioning of at least 6 months followed by regular runs once or more times every week.

Parkour in India…

Parkour has been growing in India by leaps and bounds, with communities of Parkour enthusiasts active in many metro cities. After Parkour started getting featured in Bollywood movies and television shows, some celebrity actors too have become Parkour aficionados. As a result, Parkour has reached a new level in India. If interested, you can join parkour community in your city and practice with the group. Beginners can also receive training.

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Chaos Faktory

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Chennai Parkour

1st floor, 159/1B TTK Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 600018

Vishwa: 099626 96859, Vignesh: 098846 88074, Baskar: 097911 02804

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Parkour Circle

Susheel: 099620 28747, Prabhu: 098848 97546


Pace! (Parkour & Freerunning in Delhi)

Abhishek Ghosal

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Parkour in India

Sector 7, Dwarka, Delhi 110075

Gunjan Sharma

099685 06554, 097160 81872

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Free Souls Parkour

Powai, Mumbai

Nabeel: 099209 62323, Giles: 080973 97662, Narayan: 099235 47079

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Parkour Nasik (Tracepassers)

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