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Tabata High Intensity Workout

No time to exercise? Try Tabata workout…

It may sound incredulous, but a workout of just 4 minutes can meet your day’s fitness needs! That is the beauty of Tabata workout which was conceived originally by Dr Izumi Tabata of Japan. This workout does not need large space or any fitness equipment. It is an ideal form of exercise for urban folks who have a busy schedule and have limited space at home.

Before you start off, some words of caution. Never attempt high-intensity workouts without a thorough body warm-up of 15 minutes. Keep yourself hydrated by sipping water or electrolyte drink every 10 minutes. Until you learn Tabata well, practice under a trainer if possible and if a trainer is unaffordable, practice with Tabata CDs. 

How is Tabata workout practiced?

First of all, you need to select the exercise for the Tabata workout. Preferably this should be the one which involves most of the body muscles. The exercise could be running on treadmill, skipping, pushups, squats, pedaling on a stationary bike, swimming etc..

Start off with a 10-minute warm-up. Now you carry out the chosen exercise in 8 cycles. Each cycle entails 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercising followed by 10 seconds rest and this is followed by the next cycle and so on. Thus, total time spent on the workout is 4 minutes!

It is not easy to keep track of time, while undergoing a high-intensity workout. So ask your spouse or your children to stand-by with a stop-watch so that they can alert you on the 20 second and 10 second intervals.

Absolutely, the most crucial aspect of Tabata training is that the during the 20 seconds of work-out window, concentrated explosive bursts of intense effort are required. You need to push yourself to the maximum extent.

The benefits of Tabata training…

Tabata training results in multiple benefits. Over 800 calories are lost due to the speed of this activity which burns fat. Metabolism improves. Body gets toned and muscle is built. Strength and stamina are enhanced.

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