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Tower Running

Tower running promotes health and fitness...

Running up the staircases of tall tower buildings is a sport that is gaining popularity the world over. Tower running races are held in famous buildings like Empire State Building in New York, CN Tower in Toronto, Menara Tower in Kuala Lumpur etc. All these races are held under the aegis of Towerrunning World Association (TWA).

Tower running is a full-body workout and burns 3 times as many calories as a brisk walk does. It helps build stength, balancing power and mobility. It assists in combating diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart ailment and stroke. So, conquering architectural structures has many benefits!

Tower running is one of the most arduous among endurance sports and requires very high degree of physical fitness, stamina and leg strength. Anyone can participate in these races but he or she should ideally train for 2 months at least. The training involves climbing stairs, squatting and gymming so as to improve leg strength, heart performance and stamina.

Tower running has arrived in India…

India’s first tower run was held in Goa during January 2014 and it was great success. Since tall buildings do not exist in Goa due to town planning restrictions, 5 buildings each with 7 floors were chosen. The contestants had to run to the top floor of the first building, run down and repeat the process for the next 4 buildings.

Subsequently, tower runs have been held during 2014, 2015 and 2016 at various locations. In order to participate in future tower runs, acess the websites listed in 'Resources' below and register in advance for the events!

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Skyscraper Dash

WTC Skyscraper Dash, Bangalore Jan 2014: Involved climbing Bangalore's tallest commercial building, the 31 story World Trade Center housed in Brigade Gateway campus.
Skyscraper Dash, Mumbai Dec 2014: Participants climbed the soaring 1250 stair, 52 story Kohinoor Square tower which is India’s tallest commercial building.

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Adventure Breaks

Linc Tower Run, Goa Jan 2016: Involved stair climbing race up and down five seven-storeyed buildings at Patto Plaza building.
Tata Tower Run, Mumbai Dec 2015: This was a race up the iconic 35-storeyed World Trade Centre at Cuffe Parade.

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