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Delicious food cooked by amateur chefs…

Say goodbye to swish restaurants with predictable menus and sterile decors and discover the joys of ghar-ka-khana! Now we have the option of experiencing distinctive regional cuisine food that is authentic while being competitively priced. People who are good cooks but were cooking solely for themselves until now are now hosting meals in their homes for interested guests. There are so many great traditional dishes being made in people's own kitchens which others would never get to try otherwise.

Cuisine of the region or community to which the home chef belongs to is the cuisine for the meal.  Often the ingredients are sourced from their native state and cooking is done in authentic and traditional way. And along the way, you get a glimpse of the culture of the community or region. A spacious home and a warm smile for guests, make the experience complete!

Access the portals and start your gastronomic journey!

Websites presented below list out hosts, cuisines offered, price for the meal and dates on which the meal is offered. You need to register on the websites for free, select the meal offer that is open and pay the price online. Hosts prefer to keep the number of guests reasonably small, so that it is an intimate affair that lends itself to good conversation in the language of food!

Some of the cuisines on offer are Assamese, Sindhi, Saraswat, Bohri, Pathare Prabhu, Bengali etc. Since you are being hosted at the chef's homes, for reasons of security your background may be checked by the host by accessing your social media profile. In the course of enjoying the gastronomic experience, you will have an opportunity meet and socialize with other guests and in the process widen your circle of friends!

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14 Cities in India

Traveling Spoon

If you are an international traveller visiting India and wish to eat home cooked food in the cities, fill up the 'Online Reservation Form'. The portal will send you a customised offer and on acceptance the host's contact details. Meal prices range from $20 to $60.

Online Reservation Form


Sumi's Kitchen

Telugu Brahmin pure vegetarian meal with dishes like Podis, Vankayi stuffed with Kottimeera Kaaram, Meethi Rice and Tomato Perugu Pachadi.

Cooke Town, Bangalore

Sumitra Kalapatapu

089511 53518

Facebook Page


Taste of Tamil Nadu

Tamil veg and non-veg meals. Veg meal includes steamed rice, sambar, rasam, kootu, poriyal, aviyal, appalam, pickle, curd/buttermilk and payasam. Non-veg meal includes Vanjaram Fish Curry, Prawns Pepper Fry and Chicken Kolambu.

Deepa Shri Rajan

094862 49489

Bangalore      Delhi-NCR      Mumbai      Pune


Access any of the home chefs featured on the website for an authentic dining experience.

097640 90815


Eat with India

They have enlisted professional chefs as well as home chefs who host meals at their residences. Cuisines range from Kashmir to Kerala.

IHDP Business Park, 13 A, Ground Floor, # 7, Taj Express Way, Sec-127, Noida 201301

Sonal Saxena


Authentic Tribal Meal

Tribals from Aarey Milk Colony cook in your presence authentic veg and non-veg lunch with organic ingredients. This is a part of WWH Charitable Foundation's 'Tribal Women Empowerment Programme'.

073037 14011, 082866 53848, 098202 24450



Celebrate regional diversity of India through authentic dining experiences in the homes of incredibly talented home chefs.


Bawi Bride

Perzen Patel hosts delicious Parsi meals at home for guest who sign-on.

Facebook Page


Bihari Bhojan at Home Cafe

Authentic Bihari meal served to groups. Menu: Litti, baigan tamatar chokha, chenna (paneer) kofta curry, ghughni, Bihari mutton masala, aloo bhujia, rice, aam dhania chutney, papad and Bihari ghee halwa.

Chuim Village, Khar, Mumbai

098190 38599

Facebook Page


Bohri Meals by Farida Kutianawala

The Bohri meal consists of Mutton Nalli Nihari, Chicken and Mutton Biryani, Mutton Khichda, Raan Masala and other delicacies.

Byculla, Mumbai

Fatema Soni & Murtuza Kutianawala

098215 35884


This is a community of diners who participate in meal events at residences of home chefs. Upcoming events are announced in advance on the website under 'Events' link.

Ruchika Mehta


Gitika's Pakchor

Gitika hosts authentic Assamese tribal meals (lunch or dinner) at her home in western suburbs for 4 to 10 persons. All ingredients and spices are sourced from Assam.

Gitika Saikia

098204 45990


Grandma Mookerjee's table

Auroni Mookerjee invites groups of four persons to his Bandra apartment for Bengali meals paired with cocktails.

Auroni Mookerjee

099206 63306


Once Upon My Kitchen

Eat in kitchens of home chefs who offer a wide range of cuisines.

098200 88927



Serves traditional Kerala meal 2 or 3 Sundays in a month. Offers Malabar muslim food or Syrian christian food or Kerala hindu meal for 6 persons at a time. Contact by email or through FB page.

Sneha Nair

Facebook Page


The Bohri Kitchen

They organise a 3-course Bohri meals for groups of friends. Access the Facebook page to note their upcoming event and send your phone number by email or through Facebook. They will call back to confirm.

Colaba, Mumbai

Munaf Kapadia

098194 47438

Facebook Page


The Gypsy Kitchen

Follow the Facebook page and get alerts on meals hosted by housewives at their homes. The Gypsy Kitchen is also setting up a permanent venue at Bandra, where home chefs will showcase their expertise and cook for the guests who have signed-on.

Riyaaz Amlani & Gresham Fernandes

Facebook Page



Enjoy Parsi Bhonu, Howrah Mahabhoj, Sundau Bakers' Breakfast and many such amazing dining experiences. These are hosted either at hosts' residences or in unusual locations like museums !

099204 73331

New Delhi

Shantanuu Raina

They are a team of Kashmiri home chefs, who host authentic Kashmiri meals at their residence for groups of up to 30 guests. Cuisine includes signature dishes like Rogan Josh, Kabargah, Khattey Baingan, Dum Aloo, Methi Chaman and many more.

098103 33852

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