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Filing income tax returns online…

E-filing is now mandatory for individuals. Taxpayers find that e-filing convenient and saves them the hassle of paperwork. Tax returns can be filed using the e-filing website of the income tax department or use intermediary websites, listed in Resources below, which offer both free and paid services. The sites have easy-to-use tools to calculate IT payable. You will need (as applicable) Form 16, TDS certificates, Bank statements and other financial details.

For any financial year ending March 31, Indian income tax returns are to be filed by July 31. A few days’ extension is usually given. For the financial year which ended on March 31, 2016 minimum incomes above which tax is payable are Rs 2.5 Lakhs, Rs 3 Lakhs and Rs 5 Lakhs for individuals, senior citizens and super senior citizens respectively.  

Verifying e-filing via EVC…

The income tax return (ITR) is treated as valid only after it is verified by taxpayer. Earlier the taxpayer could verify physically by sending the signed ITR-V by post to CPC, Bangalore but now there is a simpler option through Electronic Verification Code (EVC) which is a 10-digit alpha-numeric code.

After e-filing, you can generate EVC by clicking on a link and you are asked to select between receiving EVC by email and mobile number or through net banking. If your total income is below Rs 5 Lakhs (before deductions) and there is no refund, you are eligible to receive EVC by email or mobile number. Enter the EVC on the space provided o the IT site and submit to complete the process.

If your total income exceeds Rs 5 Lakhs or there is a refund, your option to receive EVC is only through Aadhaar number or via net banking. In the Aadhaar route, ensure that (a) Your mobile no is registered to your Aadhaar (b) PAN no is linked to Aadhaar number (if not, a pop-up on site will ask you to enter the Aadhaar no). The EVC will be sent to your mobile no.

For net banking option, log-in to your net banking account, locate the income tax e-filing tab, see e-filed tax returns pending for e-verification and select the option 'e-verify'. The EVC would be sent to your registered mobile number with Bank.

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