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Personality types: Extrovert, Introvert…

It was the celebrated psychiatrist Carl Jung who developed the theory of personality types. While ‘Extroversion – Introversion’ is the most famous personality traits introduced by him, he also proposed two other characteristics ‘Sensing – Intuition’ and ‘Thinking – Feeling’.

To the above three personality traits Myers-Briggs added a fourth one ‘Judging – Perceiving’. Myers and Briggs were a daughter-mother team who created an easy way by which any person can find out as to which personality type he or she belongs to.

The various combinations of the above four basic traits results in sixteen personality types. Each type is symbolized by the first letter of the 4 criteria in that combination (Except for ‘Intuition’ which is identified by letter ‘N’). For instance, personality type ‘ISTP’ stands for ‘Introvert Sensing Thinking Perceiving’.

Take the online test to find out your personality type!

The link in Resources below leads you to the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test which is an amended Myers-Briggs test. Please spare adequate time to read the questions carefully and to answer them objectively and honestly. Choose the answer that is most relevant to you.

Be truthful and frank and do not give ‘self-pleasing’ or ‘safe’ answers. After all, wouldn’t you like a true picture of your personality to be revealed to yourself at least? On completion of the test, press ‘Results’ button to see the four-letter combination of the personality type to which you belong to.

Additional information on your personality type can be accessed through a search engine query. Do note that ideally the test results are to be interpreted by an expert. Understanding your personality would help you take the right and most appropriate decisions on career, marriage, interaction with colleagues and friends etc.

Personality types as per a new study...

A new study suggests that most people can be divided into four main personality types: (a) 'Envious' do not mind what they achieve in a situation as long as they were better than anyone else (b) 'Optimists' believe that they make the best choices (c) 'Pessimists' choose the option that they think is the lesser of two evils (d) 'Trusting' are born collaborators and do not mind losing or winning.

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Humanmetrics’ Jung Typology Test
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