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Joining Happiness Movements

Happiness movements on social media…

Movements to promote happiness have made an appearance on social media sites like twitter and instagram. Basically, people post messages with hashtags  #HappyAct and #100happydays and these messages can be accessed by anyone searching the hashtag.

Obviously, you would enjoy reading the happy messages posted by others. A funny happening makes people happy. Carrying out an act of kindness makes the doer happy. A creative endeavour leads to fulfillment and happiness. On browsing through the messages, you and others may get motivated to pursue happiness ideas that appeal to them. You too may post about anything that makes you happy and thus spread the wave of happiness around.

A glance at the happiness postings…

From the posted messages and tweets, It is interesting to note that some of the things that make people happy are solitude, meditating, playing with pets, smiling, exercising, organizing, laughing, hiolding hands, hugging, going on vacation, volunteering, being outdoors, watching comedy on TV, listening to music etc.

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#100happydays on Twitter

Tweets with the hashtag #100happydays are posted by people who have challenged themselves to be happy 100 days in a row. They post on a daily basis as to what made them happy on that day. You too can accept the challenge and post tweets.

#HappyAct on Twitter

Perform acts which make you happy on a regular basis. Then with hashtag #HappyAct post tweets on what you did, so that others can feel happy on reading the tweet. You too can get inspired by reading tweets posted by others.

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