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Curb Web n App Use by Child

Smartphones and tablets are taking over kids’ lives…

Children need to broaden their horizons by exploring the world around them. And in this digital age, going online is an important part of this process. But that is where the danger lies, due to the proliferation of porn sites, gambling sites, gaming sites and the like. With even 3-year old kids learning to use smartphones and tablets, the need of the hour is that children are not exposed to undesirable content at an impressionable age. Installing apps indiscriminately and running up large bills for in-app purchases is also an area of concern to parents.

In addtion, there are other apps which are not overtly malicious but can be misused by child. You may consider restricting them too. These include Whisper, Tinder, Snapchat, Kik, Tumblr, Periscope and chat apps like AntiChat, Anonymous Chat Rooms, Chat Alternative, Char Roulette, Chat & Flirt and Live Chat Roulette.

Apps which enable parental control…

Parental control apps installed on the smartphones and tablets help parents oversee and control the online behavior of their kids by blocking or regulating access to harmful websites and other online content. These apps also ensure that even harmless websites, online games and social media platforms are not accessed indiscriminately and obsessively by children so that adequate time is available for sleep, studies, outdoor play etc. The apps also help in ensuring physical safety of the kid by knowing as to when he or she arrives or leaves school, his or her present location etc.

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Appystore has over 3,500 videos for children between the age group of 1.5 to 8 years. These videos would be found appealing by children and aid in the child’s overall development. The videos have been chosen by teachers, parents and global content providers.

Dinner Time Plus

Features like Dinner Time, Bed Time and Take a Break ensure that your children to take time out from their mobile devices to study, get the sleep they need, and enjoy mealtime as a family. Set time limits for usage of apps, mobile and tablet. Note status of your child’s device and the app that is running on it etc.


Thanks to iCam, you can receive on your mobile phone live video and audio feeds from the camera of your kid's cellphone, tablet and computer which may be in any room of your home.

Kids Place Parental Control

This is an app launcher that prevents the child from accessing your personal data and restricts the kid to apps you have approved. Also prevents children from downloading new apps, making phone calls, texting or performing other actions that can cost you money.

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Kids Zone Parental Control

Create your child's profile and add kid-friendly apps to it. Pick a wallpaper your child will love. Set a secret PIN and lock the device. Your child can now only use the apps you picked for the profile! In addition the app limits children’s play time with time-outs, block children from making phone calls or texts, prevent access to the Internet and block ad clicks, block in-app purchases or app installs, block access to device settings and personal data.

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Kids' Launcher

This is a shell which prevents access to undesirable content, lets you set up time limits on using apps, launch only permitted apps, blocks call & text messages, prevents change of device settings, tracks your child’s location etc.

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Parents can log in to their child's social media accounts in MamaBear settings and customize other desired notifications be notified when child gets a new Facebook or Instagram friend. In addition, know your child’s current and recent location, know your child's arrival and departure at school, home and practice, know when they exceed a customized driving speed etc.

Mobile Guardian

Stop your child from accessing inappropriate websites, know which mobile apps your child has installed and block their use. receive alerts when child arrives or leaves school and other locations, receive alerts when accesing adult sites, disable texting while driving etc.


mSpy remotely tracks and controls activity on your kid's smartphones & computers. All activity is tracked including call log history, GPS location, calendar updates, text messages, emails, web history etc.

My Mobile Watchdog

The app installs a "Parent Dashboard" on your phone which puts you in charge of your child's phone. Through this dashboard, you can block sites, view text messages & photos, switch apps on & off, view phone contact history, receive alerts when contact occurs with persons deemed undesirable etc.


Manage the time your kids spend on their tablets and smart phones. Block certain apps completely. Get an alert whenever your kids install a new app. Keep track of sites visited and apps used. Block games at bedtime. Block all apps at lights-out time. Block social apps and games during school hours etc.


The answer to every parents' worries about their kids' internet and outdoor safety: (a) Monitor your kids' online activities and filter mature content (b) Block unwanted applications to keep your child safe online (c) Keep your kids safe by staying informed of their outdoor location


TeenSafe app enables you to monitor usage by your child of his or her cellphone. You can (a) View sent, received and deleted SMS and iMessages.(b) View call logs of incoming and outgoing calls including contact name, number, date and duration. (c) See your teen's current smartphone location (d) View instagram posts, comments and followers.

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