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Healthy Meal Tiffins for Kids

Kids do like healthy food if it’s exciting and yummy…

Parents complain about craving of kids for chips, burgers, cola drinks etc, but it is possible to wean them away from such junk foods by making available healthy food that is exciting and yummy. Even the fussiest kid would like a menu that changes daily.

Healthy food should be fresh, well-balanced and nutritious, so that growing children remain physically fit and are able concentrate on their academic pursuits.  Healthy meals should involve reduced usage of sugar, salt, oil and avoid usage of artificial colours and flavors, MSG, HFCS etc. The right nutrition enhances immunity, resists disease, improves memory, boosts strength and ensures bone growth, muscle development and overall growth.

Healthy lunchboxes are here for your kids…

In the Resources section below you will find tiffin suppliers who supply lunchboxes for children. Menu is designed by nutritionists and portion size is determined according to age and calorie requirement. The packed tiffin is supplied to home early in the morning, so that the child can take it while leaving for school. However, some suppliers do provide tiffin to the kid directly at school. Prices range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,600 for a month's subscription.

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B-1204, Magnolia, Brigade Millennium, J P Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore-560078

Kishore Acharya

098451 23941, 099000 02214, 089719 58284



080-4120 0142, 073532 30700



080881 06666


Bite Fresh

044-4356 0539, 099402 65435


MC's Lunchbox

076019 76076

Web Page


The Lunch Box

Sangeeta & Sunita Maheshwari

081252 22432, 081252 22482



Unit No.12, Premnagar, Sakivihar Road, Andheri-East, Opp Bharat Gas compound, Mumbai 400072

093200 22422, 093200 22433

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Unit No - 03, Favourite Ind. Estate, Masarani Lane, Kurla (W), Mumbai 400070

090040 09594, 022-2504 0303

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Mumma's Box

070663 06346

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