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New trends in parenting…

Gone are the days when grandparents and especially the grandmothers who advised parents about topics like breastfeeding, child care and education, growth and food intake, nutrition of the kid and the mother and the like.

Today’s millennial tech-savvy generation relies more on online information on various aspects of parenting. However, parents should not solely be guided by the online content. It may be one of the main inputs but inputs from family, friends and medical staff are also equally important.

Online information for parents…

On the web, there is a lot of use-generated information on raising children from parents who share their experiences and views through discussion boards, forums, blogs and social media. Issues covered range from conceiving a baby, pregnancy and newborn care to IQ development, manners & discipline, harnessing creativity, child's healthcare, child’s upbringing etc.

Other useful information provided by these sources relates to pediatricians, playschools, daycare centres, activity centers, kids’ events, recipes of easy snacks for kids, home remedies, weekend activities for kids, games for kids and so on.

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Baby Chakra

Discover the best for mom and children in Mumbai. Best pediatricians, playschools, daycare centres, activity centers and kids events. Connect with moms like you to make better parenting choices. Read what mom bloggers and experts have to say about top tips to care for your family.


She is a certified Child Food Consultant-cum-Child Sleep Consultant and coaches parents to help solve their children's food and sleep issues. A child needs adequate amounts of both everyday to stay healthy and happy. Her passion is to empower parents with effective solutions.

Ajita Seethepalli

Mobile or Whatsapp: 099585 22115

MyChild App

MyChild App tracks the growth of children from 1 to 24 months and guides the parent about how to take care of their child. It helps the parents to know if there is any delay in the development of their child and take actions beforehand. The app also guides the parents about their child’s development on a monthly basis.


Access parenting videos and blogs from Mommy bloggers and experts.

Prashant Sinha

0124-460 4444


Parentlane Android app is a social platform to guide parents with personalized & trusted timely advice on parenting, baby care with tips on their overall child development.


A community network for parents that offers advice and solutions in areas of nutrition, health, education, child psychology and behaviour.

Nitin Pandey

092128 21238

The Mommy Network

This Facebook group has over 2,000 mothers. Access this network for tips, articles, resources etc. Also hold pop-up exhibitions in Mumbai for children's fashion, accessories, education, furniture and more.

Kiran Amlani, Shreya Lamba

Facebook Page


A social platform covering everything you need to know about parenting and pregnancy. Pregnant moms and new mothers may ask, connect and share on topics like parental care, pregnancy, infant health, symptom, babynames etc.

UNIMO - Universe of Moms

UNIMO is a social media networking platform for mothers staying in different parts of India. The city-specific mommy groups meet up regularly.

099302 42511

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Parenting Tips and Resources like recipes of easy snacks for kids, home remedies, weekend activities for kids, child development and reviews of stories and games for kids.

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