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Store Cord Blood of Newborn

Cord blood contains the amazing stem cells…

Cord blood is the blood contained in the newborn child’s umbilical cord. This blood contains stem cells which can be used to treat major illnesses which the child may face when he or she grows up. Even the child’s siblings and other family members can similarly benefit from these stem cells when such illnesses strike.

Stem cells have been successfully used in treatment of over 80 diseases including leukemia, alzheimer’s, breast cancer, thalassemia, several kinds of malignant lymphomas like Hodgkin's disease and other immuno-deficiencies. In future stem cells may even find application in treatments of medical conditions like traumatic brain injury, autism, congenital heart defects, hearing loss, diabetes etc. At that time wouldn’t the stored cord blood come in handy?

Bone marrow is another source for stem cells, but with cord blood stem cells 4/6 match is sufficient, whereas a 6/6 match is required for bone marrow stem cells. This may not be such an issue with cord blood for use by the child and her family. However, this matters in public stem banks where cord blood donated by parents is meant for use by general public subject to matching.

How do prospective parents arrange to get their child’s cord blood banked?

Listed below in Resources are the cryogenic cord blood banks operating in India. Most of them cover cities and major towns in the country either directly or through franchisees. You can choose one of them based on cost quoted and after ensuring that the hospital would allow the selected cord blood bank to collect the cord blood. Some hospitals have tied-up with one or more cord blood banks.

Immediately after birth, the Doctor or nurse will cut the umbilical cord, clamp it on one side and draw the blood by inserting a needle in the umbilical vein. Cord blood collection can be done both in normal deliveries and in caesarian deliveries. The cryogenic cord blood bank collects the blood from the hospital, assigns an ID, separates the stem cells from the blood and stores the same in liquid nitrogen.

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Babycell (Regenerative Medical Services Pvt. Ltd.)

022-6733 0300, 2839 0556

CordLife Sciences India Pvt. Ltd

098301 66200, 1800-345-6200. SMS: CL to 56677

Cryo Stemcell Karnataka Pvt Ltd

076769 97616

Cryo-Save (India) Pvt Ltd

081055 57777, 1800-103-0100 (toll free)

Cryoviva India

1800-102-2796, 095822 84444, 095821 65555

Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre

044-4350 4246

Web Page

LifeCell International Private Limited

1800-419-5555. SMS: LIFECELL to 53456


1800-22-2454, 022-2207 2526

StemCyte India Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd.

079–6170 1001, 1-860-420-4206

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