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Elderly need to be computer literate…

For many senior citizens computers may seem mysterious and intimidating but the only way by which the former can remain in touch with their children and grand-children located in distant lands may be through video chats on computers. Computers are far too important for information and communication in today’s world.  

Sooner or later, elderly persons would have to take recourse to email for sending messages, access websites for information, video chat for face-to-face communication etc. However, elderly take time to get comfortable with computers and teaching them should be done with lots of patience. The best venue for personalized training that a senior citizen needs is his or home rather than the training institute’s premises.

Digital training for senior citizens at their homes…

Organisations have come forward to train elderly on the basic use of computers. These are short term programmes and the fees are also affordable. The training is imparted by youngsters at homes of elderly by using the latter’s personal computer, laptop or tablet. Usage of the computer available at home ensures that the training is tuned to the features of the computer owned by the elder and software loaded therein.

The teaching consists of basic operation of the computer, connecting to internet, sending email, accessing websites, using Microsoft Word, booking train / bus / air tickets online, using Skype and Google Chat, using Whatsapp, accessing and posting messages / photos on Facebook and other social media etc.

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