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Online Medical Advice for Lady

Most women are uncomfortable to discuss about sexual health with doctors…

Women may hesitate to speak on topics like menstruation, breast care, pregnancy, sex, relationships, infertility, morning sickness, vaginal discharge, PCOS and contraception with doctors across-the-table since the latter may judgmental, particularly in view of changing sexual mores among young, urban women.

What women look forward to is unbiased information from experts who are able to advise, reassure and educate women of all ages about their health, wellbeing and lifestyle concerns.

Online e-consultancy advice platforms offer privacy…

These websites offer medical advice on reproductive and sexual heath as well as on related topics. Queries are answered by highly qualified and experienced doctors, counsellors, dieticians and nutritionists, who strive to be non-judgmental or moralistic and avoid over-medication.

The best part is that you can seek information anonymously and in case, some reports are to be uploaded you can do so after blanking off name, address etc from the reports. Resources below list out the websites, which may be accessed by needy women.

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Queries answered confidentially on preventing unplanned pregnancy, how to get pregnant etc.

1800-22-0502 or sms ICAN to 56070


Obtain advice from gynecologist, psychologist, dietitian, nutritionist, sexologist etc. You can consult privately after booking an appointment through the site with the chosen specialist. Or you can ask query through website or app and receive response in 24-48 hours.


70+ Doctors answer queries from women relating to health issues such as menstruation, breast care, pregnancy, sex, relationships and fitness. Doctors respond in 8 to 10 hours.

099795 06249, 097264 16014

The Crowdsourced List of Gynaecologists We Trust

This is a crowd-sourced list of trustworthy gynecologists in 29 cities of India. These gynecologists are well-trained, affordable, reassuring, compassionate and are not morally judgmental about sexual or lifestyle choices made by the woman seeking medical advice.

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