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Tools for Safety of Women

Women face many risks…

Unfortunately, crimes against women occur in India in humongous numbers, as can be noted from stories in daily newspapers. Delhi has gained the infamous distinction as the ‘rape capital of India’. The situation in other metros like Mumbai and Bangalore is not much different.

Harassment of women by men occurs on the street, in offices, in buses/trains and in parks. It takes the forms of stalking, passing lewd comments, groping, abusing etc. Particularly vulnerable are single girls and women while they are outdoors.

While recent tightening of laws pertaining to rape and stalking would have a deterrent effect on culprits, it is always advisable for women to be on guard and to be equipped with safety tools.

Tools for safety of women…

We list below some tools that ladies can make use of to ensure safety while outdoors. Most common are the apps for smartphones which indicate your location details to your family, when facing a threat or danger. Pepper spray can neutralise an attacker. All these tools will minimise the risks and hopefully bring about a reduction in the crimes committed against women. Let us hope that a day will dawn when women will be safe in every place in India!

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@SafecityIndia on Twitter

If you have experienced sexual harassment or abuse in public places of New Delhi, Mumbai or Goa send a tweet to the Twitter page below or send a message from your Twitter account with #SafecityIndia hashtag. Your tweet will be anonymous. These tweets will serve as a guidance to women in these cities in respect of trends in these cities, areas which are unsafe etc.

Twitter Page

Akshara Centre

Akshara Centre is a non-profit working for women's safety and empowerment. They launch campaigns like marathon for women, ensuring safety of women on local trains, getting women to use street news stands to read newspapers etc.

Neelambari, 5th Floor, Road No. 86, Opp. Portuguese Church, Gokhale Road, Dadar (West), Mumbai 400028

Bsafe (Android App)

After you download the app, enter phone numbers of emergency contacts like family and friends. In case of emergency, press the big red button on the screen and emergency contacts will be notified that you need help along with your location and video footage. There are other features like making your phone ring with a fake call, sharing locations, informing your current location to selected people at any time etc.

Download to your Smartphone from Google Play

Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children (CCPWC)

This is a portal which will be launched shortly by Government of India, Ministry of Home and Ministry of Women & Child Development. On this portal women will be able to register their complaints against online abuse and harassment. Home Ministry will monitor the portal and act on the complaints.

GRP's Text Alert Service 'Sameep'

Government Railway Police (GRP) have launched a free SMS alert service 'Sameep'. Subscribers who opt for the service receive text messages on disruption in services, security issues, clarification on rumours etc.

To subscribe, give a one-time missed call to 72080 15207 or sms MH RLYCOP to 166


If you or an acquaintance have faced harassment in Mumbai, submit details (along with photos if possible) by accessing the 'Submit a Report' on the website or by SMS to the mobile no below. Your report as well as other similar reports published on the website will (a) Indicate unsafe areas in Mumbai (b) Enable the website to take up the matter with BMC as well as the State Government.

099201 03103

Hashtag #IAmTrolledHelp to Tackle Online Bullying

Maneka Gandhi, Minister for Women & Child Development has launched this service. Women, who are victims of online trolling, bullying, stalking and abuse can send a twitter message with the above hashtag. The details can be in the message itself or in an attachment. A special cyber cell will filter the complaints and serious complaints are forwarded to Twitter who block or suspend the offending account.

Hey Didi

Women need a safe commute to homes from nearest stations. Hey Didi, promoted by social entrepreneur Revathi Roy, is a group of women trained in etiquette, scooter driving and self-defense. Women commuters will be pillion-riders after being picked up by Hey Didi team's scooters from outside railway and metro stations. The scheme will be launched in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune as soon as road transport authorities grant permission.


This is a mobile app for safety of women launched by Dehi Police. Click on the website link below and register on the website. App download link alongwith registration key is sent by Delhi Police by SMS to your mobile no. Enter the registration key and download the app on your mobile. During a crisis, shake the phone and a SMS alert goes to Police control room as well as to friends/relatives.

Delhi Police Website

Hug Smartwatch

This is a Android-based gesture control smartphone. The smartwatch sends a distress signal to your close ones which can can be activated by long pressing a dedicated panic button located on the side. The smartwatch can also interpret a hand gesture as sign of trouble, for situations where your discretion is key. The gesture-based safety can be turned on and the quickest way to reach out for help.

040-2355 8808, 094411 64018, 099518 14440

Light Weight & Cheap Revolvers for Protection

These light-weight and cheap Revolvers can be carried by purse or handbag or in trouser pocket. Indian Ordnance Factories of Govt of India produce (a) 'Nidar' Revolver: 250 gm weight, .22 caliber, Price: Rs 35,000 (b) 'Nirbheek' Revolver: 500 gm weight, .32 caliber, Price: Rs 1.22 Lakhs. Contact numbers below and book the Revolvers by sending full amount by DD.

To buy 'Nidar' contact Rifle Factory, Ishapore, West Bengal: 02593-7119 / 20 / 21
To buy 'Nirbheek' contact Field Gun Factory, Kanpur: 0512-229 5100 / 01 / 02 / 03

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is a handy aerosol canister that contains capsaicin, a chilli extract, which when sprayed causes sharp pain in eyes, temporary blindness, cough and breathlessness. A woman facing attackers would have to be very quick to whip out the canister from handbag and direct the jet of spray towards the face of attacker from a distance of up to 10 feet. The attacker is temporarily disabled, allowing the woman to make a quick escape.

Web Page to Buy Online

Press Digit 9 on Your Mobile Phone

This initiative of Govt of India will come in force from March or April 2016. On pressing '9' on your mobile phone for a longer time, an alert would instantly go to Police as well as to family and/or friends. While newer basic & smart phones will have this feature built-in, mobile phone outlets will install the feature in existing basic phones. Existing smartphones will need to download a software patch for the feature.

SAFER jewellery product

This is a wearable smart jewellery product (A chain with pendant). The moment the wearer presses the pendant, al alert is automatically sent to family and friends. The pendant is also connected to an app called Safer Walk through which family and friends can note the exact location of the wearer of the pendant.

H.No. 6961/3 Shanker Marg, Multani Dhanda, Paharganj, New Delhi 110055

011-4059 7499

Sakhi - One Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC) for Women in Distress

These are relief centres (with one centre set up in each State) for women who are in distress due to domestic violence, rape, mental harassment, dowry harassment and other atrocities. The centres provide medical help, counselling, legal and police assistance etc.

Centres already functional: A.P.: Vijayawada, Chattisgarh: Raipur, Haryana: Karnal, Kerala: Kochi, M.P.: Bhopal, Maharashtra: Pune, Orissa: Bhubaneswar
Telangana: Warangal

Scream Alarm! (Android App)

Keep this app on while you walking in a deserted or sparsely populated area. If you feel threatened, simply push the button on the screen and a screaming woman’s voice is activated. This should scare-off the culprit and can also draw the attention of others to your plight. Simply press the same button on the screen to shut down the screaming.

Download to your Smartphone from Google Play

SOS Stay Safe (Android App)

When facing a critical situation, shake your phone a certain number of times as per your prior setting. This seemingly innocuous gesture will not raise any suspicion. Automatically an SMS is sent to your family and friends with your location, mobile’s battery level and one of the pre-recorded audio clips. GPS tracking enables your contacts to note your location changes.

Download to your Smartphone from Google Play

Travel Safe When Alone - Mumbai Police's Initiative

Women in Mumbai who travel alone in taxis and rickshaws at late hours, may send to the Police's number below an SMS about their location, destination and the registration number of the vehicle. Immediately she will receive an SMS as an acknowledgement. The mobile number of the lady will be directly linked with the registration number of the vehicle and thus the journey can be monitored by Police.

99699 77888

VithU (Android App)

Enter the phone numbers of persons whom you would contact in a crisis. Whenever you are facing a distress situation, press the phone’s button twice and every 2 minutes your designated contacts will receive a message that says “I am in danger. Please help me” along with your location which too will be updated every 2 minutes.

Download to your Smartphone from Google Play

Western Railway's Initiatives for Women's Safety on Suburban Network

Contact the following numbers when women face safety issues on Western Railways suburban network. RPF lady constables have been deployed in ladies' compartments. CCTV installation in ladies' compartments in progress.

Whatsapp Helpline No: 90044 99718
All India Security Helpline No: 182

Whatsapp Number for Mumbai's Women Commuters

While commuting by Mumbai's local trains if you witness an attack or observe any suspicious activity, send a message to the Whatsapp number below, with or without photos. This number is continuously monitored by Railway Protection Force (RPF) who will take prompt action. Through this route you are spared of having to visit the Police Station to narrate the incident.

90044 99718

Women's 24 x 7 Helpline in UP

This helpline is for tackling phone and online harassment faced by women from men. The calls are received by women officers and details are passed on to male officers who then call the numbers from which the abusive calls originated. The complaints are solved by threatening, shaming and involving parents of the culprits.


Ziman App

Download the Ziman app to your smartphone. On pressing the power button of the phone 5 times in quick succession or on tapping the app's logo, you will get a call in less than 15 seconds enquiring about your safety. If you are unable to answer, the service collects audio-video data and initiates appropriate emergency action. Once an alarm is triggered, your movement is tracked wherever you go. In such a case, the service sends your real-time location to your near and dear ones as well as law enforcement authorities.

Web Page

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