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Women Learn Self Defence

In a crime inflicted environment of today, gender violence is increasing and many cases go unreported. In view of this, self-defence has become the need of the hour for women to help them protect their dignity and safety. Studies have shown that men are less willing to attack those women who fight physically.

By learning self defence techniques, women make themselves better prepared to tackle any situation. The techniques enable women to fight back and save themselves. Relatively little strength is required to use the techniques that are taught.

To all women out there - your body is more capable than you think and your resolve is stronger than you believe. So, do not feel restricted, but defend yourself and your loved ones.

Organisations working for protection of women conduct short-term self-defence training programmes in various cities and girls and women are urged to take advantage of the same. Some of these NGOs and organisations are listed in 'Resources' section below.

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Women's Safety & Self Defense Classes by Survival Instincts

Their programme focuses on attack simulations. For each simulation, they teach a few, but deadly, responses. Your response time is measured during a situation and then you are coached to improve your response time, if it inadequate for the given situation.

12 TV Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600031

091766 93012

Mobile App

'Quick Self-Defense' Android App by Colorss Foundation

This is an app for women to learn easy self-defense techniques to defend themselves as well as their loved ones.

Link to download app


DARE (Defence Against Rape & Eve Teasers) by Institute of Martial Science

This 5-day programme teaches use of force, defence tactics, survival & escape manoeuvres etc.


098204 96752, 099690 22229

Web Page


Women's Self Defense Center (WSDC)

One-month's duration self-defense training is imparted free of cost at the center to all women. You will you learn to kick, punch, use elbows, knees, head butts, fight one or several opponents, close quarters combat, and defend against knives, sticks, guns.

Gr. Floor, Games Hall Bldg, Andheri Sports Complex, J.P.Road, Mumbai 400053

077180 48616, 077180 48617, 077180 48618, 077180 48619

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