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Hot Air Ballooning

A ride in a hot air balloon is sheer exhileration!

There is nothing quite like the uplifting sensation of a balloon ride. The gentle sway of the balloon borne upon the winds with a panaromic 360 degree bird's eye view of the surroundings is an amazing experience. Do not miss the unforgettable experience of hot air ballooning.

The ballon is a very large sized nylon fabric bag and hot air is filled in it by lighting the burner unit. As hot air fills in, the balloon keeps inflating until it is fully upright and about 7 storeys tall. The gondola is a basket attached to the balloon in which the passengers sit in comfort. As the hot air fills to the maximum capacity, the ballon lifts off gently.

The air currents and air patterns determine the balloon’s travel. At all times, the balloon is navigated by an experienced pilot who by gauging the wind direction and air currents is able to steer the balloon’s movement.

As the hot air balloon silently floats high above mountains, rivers, forts, forests and fields, passengers in the gondola enjoy the magnificent and spectacular vista!

Hot air ballooning locations in India...

India is fortunate in that we have good ballooning weather in many parts of the country. In addition, we are blessed with renowned heritage sites. Places which have interesting spectacles on the ground are popular since the same can be viewed from the balloon.

Pink City of Jaipur, Pushkar camel fair, Forts of Jaisalmer, Vijayanagar ruins of Hampi, Ranthambore National Park are prominent on the hot air ballooning circuit. Companies listed in Resources below operate at these locations.

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Balloon Club of India

They operate from the Safdarjung Airport in Delhi and every year organise a Balloon Mela or Balloon Fair in the month of November.

8-B Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi, India 110001

011- 2371 6665

Hot Air Ballooning by Goa Tourism

This 2-hour ballooning flight takes off from Asolda,Chandor in South Goa. Booking can be done on the Web Page below.

Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., Paryatan Bhavan, 3rd Floor, Patto, Panaji, Goa

0832-243 7132, 243 7728, 243 8515, 243 8866

Web Page

SkyWaltz Balloon Safaris

They provide regular hot air balloon flights in Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala and Ranthmbore. Prices are US$ 250 per person.

E-Factor Adventure Tourism (P) Ltd., A-49, Sector-67, Noida 201301

095603 87222, 095603 97222

Tiger Balloon Safaris

Organise balloon flights in Jaipur, Jodshpur, Jaisalmer, Rantahmbore and Hampi (Karnataka). Price Rs 12,000 per adult and Rs 10,000 per child.

3rd Floor, 10 Satya Niketan, New Delhi 110021

Abhishek Agarwal

099997 42000, 011-3298 8460, 2611 9096

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