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Virtual Flying in Simulator

Virtual flying in a simulator is as thrilling as flying a plane…

For most of us who are non-pilots, the thrill of flying a plane is an unattainable dream. But wait, we can have practically the same experience in a flight simulator. In fact, flight simulators are extensively used by flight teaching schools. Airlines have their own flight simulators for continued refresher training for their pilots.

The flight simulator has a cockpit which is a replica of the real one with a full array of instrument dials. Computer-generated images provide you the actual outside views of the view of the airport selected for take-off and landing. Aircraft's motion is also simulated.

Now enjoy virtual flying in India…

Now virtual flying experience has come to India with the setting up of flight simulators at Bangalore and Mumbai. You can select among simulators of Boeing 737 NG, Cessna 172 or Fighter Jets.

The cockpit is a replica of the real one with the full array of instrument dials. You can select the airport of take-off. Assume that it is JFK airport of New York. From the cockpit window you will see the buzz of activity in the busy airport. You start the engine, raise the throttle, sprint down the runway and then take-off. Within seconds, you are flying over the skyline of Manhattan and then look down on Statue of Liberty. After some time, put the flight on auto-pilot and cruise on. Then start the process of landing and finally take over the controls manually and touch down at LA Airport! The whole experience is so breathtaking that you forget that you are sitting in a flight simulator in Bangalore or Mumbai!

There are thousands of airports around the world where you can take-off and land. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the affordable tariff, soar in the clouds and be the master of the skies!

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