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Laughter Clubs

10,000 Laughter clubs are functional in India…

Early in the morning, if you have seen a group of persons assembled in a local ground or park who are laughing their hearts out, you have seen a laughter club in action!

Years back, Dr Madan Kataria took a small step by setting up the first laugher club in Mumbai under the aegis of Laughter Yoga International and today this is a pan-Indian phenomenon, with 1000 clubs set up in 2013 alone, pushing the total number of laughter clubs in India to over 10,000!

The laughter clubs function on a daily basis and the venue is any park, ground or open space which is not too close to residences since residents should not get disturbed at an early hour which is the preferred time for most laughter clubs.

For a new group, a teacher trained in yogic laughter demonstrates the techniques which consist of breathing exercises, stretching, body movements followed by laughter exercises. The laughter which starts off lightly develops into a crescendo due to eye-contact and playful movements among the participants.

You are welcome to join any laughter club in your vicinity…

If you want to laugh all the way to happiness and contentment, join the nearest laughter club functional in your city. In the Resources section below, you can access a link to locate the closest laughter club.

If you do not find any laughter club in your area, do not hesitate to gather your friends in the neighbourhood and form a laughter club to enjoy the benefits of the laughing therapy. You do not report to anyone, except that you need to follow the cardinal guidelines of Laughter Yoga International that the club should be non-religious, non-political and non-profit. You need to be trained as laughter leader/teacher and this training can be obtained by attending workshops conducted by Laughter Yoga International or through their DVDs and learning kits.

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1. Laughter Yoga Club

This is the official website of Dr Madan Kataria, the Laughter Guru. Website has information on laughter yoga, knowledge centre, training and events etc.

Find the nearest Laughter Club in your area

2. Laughter Therapy

Kishore H. Kuvavala conducts laughter therapy sessions from Monday to Saturday at 6:45 am at Girgaum Chowpatty, Opp. Wilson College,Mumbai

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