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Meetup Groups

People with shared interests meet up at a Meetup Group…

Want to make new friends in your city or town who share similar interests as yourself? Well then, is the answer. is a portal which helps people with a common interest to form a group in their city or town.

Meetup groups are offline groups meeting face-to-face at a venue in the city or town. This is an international movement which has made its presence felt in all major cities and towns of India. The groups are defined by a common interest on any topic such as politics, music, books, hobbies, technology, cooking and so on.

How do you participate in a Meetup Group?

On accessing based on your IP address location, page opens showing Meetup Groups active in your city. You can open the page of the group that interests you and click on ‘Join Us’ on that page. By logging-in from your Facebook account, you can even see whether any of your friends are a part of the group.

After joining-in online, you can access the page to see to see planned meetups and attend them. You may be informed about events by email too. Some groups charge a certain nominal fee and this will be payable by you.

If you wish to start a new Meetup Group you can do so by accessing and entering details like theme followed by payment of $12 per month. If you so wish, members of the group can be asked to share this cost equally among themselves.

Some among the dozens of Meetup Groups active in Mumbai…

Travel Buddies, Mumbai Professionals, Single Birds, Book Exchange Club, Tech Enthusiasts, Backpackers, Street Food Lovers, Thane Friends, iOS Developers etc.

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