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Networks of Doctors

Networks of doctors enable exchange of information and advice…

Often, doctors come across cases that they encounter for the first time and it becomes difficult to diagnose the exact problem. However, it is now possible for a doctor to post on one of the new app-based networks a picture of the affected area with the patient’s symptoms and obtain evidence-based advice from some among the lakhs of doctors who are a part of the networks.

It is true that doctors make better clinical decision when they communicate and collaborate with their peers. Additionally, doctors are able to widen their circle of acquaintances, exchange medical information, take second opinion, browse premium jobs as well as to read about latest developments in the medical field. Through the platforms doctors also receive information on conferences, conventions, webinars, device demos etc.

Pharma companies generate awareness about drugs through doctors’ networks…

When launching new drugs, pharmaceutical companies deploy an army of medical representatives who visit doctors to make presentations as well as to hand over literature and samples. Presently many such companies also post educational videos on the platforms and those who want additional information and/or samples post their enquiries on the networks.

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