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Join India-based professional networks…

India-based professional networks like Brijj, PeerPower, Viadeo (formely ApnaCircle) have become popular with professionals from various sectors like Banking, IT, Marketing etc.

Joining these business and career networks is easy if you are a professional and to begin with, a personal profile would have to be created by you listing out qualifications, experience and accomplishments. Thereafter you may commence networking with other members, submit postings, join industry groups or functional area groups on the portal etc.

Advantages of joining professional networks are many…

Professional networks assist in building contacts and developing relationships in your industry or functional area. The professional networks have peers as well as senior industry professionals as members, from whom it is possible to receive guidance and answers to career and work related queries. Often you may encounter members from your professional institute or your ex-colleagues.

Often, exclusive jobs and opportunities are posted on professional networks, which are not seen on other media. In addition, there are discussions and postings from which give an insight on industry happenings, economic trends etc.

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Viadeo (Formerly ApnaCircle)


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