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Expert Cancer Opinion Online

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Timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer is crucial. Those who approach in the first stage of cancer often have 85% chance of cure; in stage 2, there is 60% chance of cure; in stage 3 it falls to 30% and those starting treatment at stage 4 will not survive for more than 5 years.

Often there are instances of different hospitals giving different diagnosis on the type of cancer. This is especially true in case of subtype of cancer and also in case of rare cancers. Such a situation leaves patients and their kin confused as to how to go ahead, because only a right diagnosis followed by appropriate treatment can lead to remission or cure of the cancer. There are scores of cases where due to initial wrong diagnosis of type or subtype of cancer, patients who had undergone surgery had to go in for right surgery once again.  

In view of such misgivings, thousands of patients from various parts of India flock to the most renowned cancer hospital in India i.e. Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) of Mumbai for diagnosis and treatment. However, shifting to Mumbai for months is an expensive affair for many patients and their family members.

To enable patients to receive treatment in their hometowns and yet ensure that diagnosis is right, TMH in association with Navya Network, has come forward to give conclusive opinion and diagnosis through the online mode, within a few days after all the medical records of the patient are uploaded. This service is provided at a paltry cost of Rs 5,000 for an Indian patient and $100 for a foreign patient. The fee is not payable by Indian BPL (Below Poverty Line) patients who will receive free service.

How do you go about it?

In Resources section below we have stated the step-by-step procedure to be adopted by a cancer patient, so that Tata Memorial Hospital can revert to him or her with the best treatment option.

It does not matter if cancer has been diagnosed just now or cancer was diagnosed earlier and treatment is going on. Patients can approach TMH at any stage to receive the expert opinion. 

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1. Registration

Please register by clicking the link below. Reports are to be uploaded by logging in to your profile. Alternatively, the reports can be emailed to the email address stated below.

Registration Form

2. Submit Medical Reports

Medical reports to be uploaded or emailed are clinical notes from the local doctor, biopsy reports, radiology reports (mammogram, ultrasound, x-rays, PET/CT, bone scans), pathology reports (incl. receptor tests such as ER/PR status, Her2 Status), lab reports (CBC, Biochemistry, Liver Function Test, ECHO), surgeon's notes (if surgery conducted), doctor's notes (after chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy if any of these conducted), planned treatments (like surgery plan, chemotherapy, radiation therapy).

3. Review by Experts

Tata Memorial Hospital's world-famous cancer specialists who are experts in the type of cancer the patient is suffering from (breast cancer, bone cancer, blood cancer etc), will collectively and exhaustively review the medical reports and prepare an opinion for the patient. The review will confirm diagnosis and advise the best treatment options for the patient like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc.

4. Act on Your Expert Opinion Report

The expert opinion is based on the medical reports submitted and the expertise of the oncologists. It covers treatment recommendations, further diagnostic testing and clinical examination (if required) etc. Patient must proceed after discussing the expert opinion with the family as well as the treating hospital and doctor. Once you are informed by email, the Expert Opinion can be accessed by logging into your registered user profile or it can be emailed to you.

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