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Origami – The Japanese art of paper craft…

Looking for an engrossing hobby that will keep you creatively engaged? Well, origami could be the answer! Origami is a traditional Japanese art of folding paper to create sculpture-like objects in various shapes and sizes. These objects could be birds, animals, insects etc.

There are only a few basic folds in origami but these folds can be combined in myriad ways to create designs which can be simple or complex. In origami, a flat sheet of paper comes alive as a three dimensional work of art. The sheet of paper may be cut to a desired size but otherwise cutting is not involved in origami and neither is pasting allowed.

Origami paper is available in square shape (of various sizes) and it is white on one side and is coloured on the other side. While the special origami paper is preferred, it is not a must and any paper which can be folded well without tearing or cracking can be used. To obtain sharp creases at the folds a 'Folding Bone' will come in handy. No other tools are required as such, except for the most wonderful tool of them all, the human hand!

India’s thriving origami scene…

Origami is well and thriving in India and creations by some of our experts have graced international origami events. There are plenty of opportunities to learn origami in our cities. You can join classes for beginners and as you gain experience you may participate in workshops and events.  It is also possible to learn on your own by accessing the web.

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Bombay Paperie

Buy origami-inspired paper products such as lamps, bags etc by visiting their store in Mumbai.

63 Bombay Samachar Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400001

022-6635 8171

Jo Nakashima

This website teaches origami to kids. There are over 400 detailed tutorials which teach children to make fun objects like T-Rex dinosaur, modular snake, penguin-shaped bookmark etc.

Kingdom of Calm

This online store sells affordable and attractive wallets made out of tear-resistant and water-resistant synthetic paper on which sketches and illustrations by independent artists have been printed.

Ayush Saran: 098216 10105, Mustafa Rasool: 096198 11021

Web Page

Open Bracket

Conduct a workshop for beginners in Mumbai. No prior knowledge is required, just interest and curiosity. You are taught basic folds and terminology as well as creating simple models like a butterfly, a tumbling toy or a swan. Intermediate and advanced courses are also offered.

Web Page

Oricraft by Anand Bhave

Anand Bhave is an Origami enthusiast and practitioner. Inspired by Origami he has taken his craft to a higher level by creating eco-friendly furniture made out of paper.


Origami Mitras

They are a group of Origami enthusiasts who exchange ideas, techniques among themselves and also conduct workshops to popularize Origami among interested persons.

Mumbai: Himanshu Agrawal 022-2421 0251, Kamlesh Gandhi 022-2649 0622
Pune: Hrushikesh Sabnis 020-2544 1678, Vishwas Deval 020-2544 0338

Origami Oritai

Workshops at The Japan Foundation, 5A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar 4, Near Moolchand Metro Station, New Delhi 110024


Learn how to crate beautiful Origami models. Printable instructions and videos to help you.


On the website, you will see Himanshu Agrawal's portfolio of Origami renditions, original models and diagrams for a few favorite models. He teaches Origami in schools, colleges, corporate offices etc.

098217 88581

Sky Goodies

Buy foldable paper knick-knacks from this e-commerce store. Each product comes with marked folds and folding instructions. Follow the instructions and you will have attractive paper creations like truck, typewriter, hot air balloon etc.

Amit & Misha Gudibanda


The Indo-Japanese Association

They conduct classes for Origami. You need to enroll as a member of the Association.

Oricon House, 7th Floor, 12, K. Dubhash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai 400001

022-2287 3027, 2284 4772

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