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Share Restaurant Table

Share Your Table with Strangers at Restaurants

Dining alone in a restaurant? Or you are a group of diners with place to spare at your table? Why don’t you liven up the atmosphere by inviting strangers to your table? Well, now it is possible for you to invite company at many restaurants in Mumbai.

These restaurants have special jars with a flag that says ‘Hi’ and you need to ask the restaurant to place the jar at your table with the flag upright in the jar. This will be a signal for others that you would not mind sharing the table. The upside for the restaurants is that table space gets optimally utilised.

At the least it would be a novel experience to socialise and converse with strangers. Or it may lead to a social acquaintance or friendship, thereby widening your social circle. It can even result in a long term association, personal or professional.

Let's Make Mumbai a Friendlier City!

Mumbai has lots of expatriates, visitors and persons living on their own and except at workplace, they do not have an opportunity to meet new people. By sharing tables at restaurants, we shall be taking a small step in turning Mumbai into a friendlier city. So, what are you waiting for? Break bread and barriers!

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